I hope CCP does not shoehorn Athounon - Amygnon gate with Uprising

It appears quite clear that CCP wanted both sides in FW zone to construct the new stargate to Athounon (Leading to Samanuni & Amygnon).

Caldari finished the task weeks ago while Gallente are about half-way there.

Meanwhile patch notes paint pictures of soon to be starting slugfest between empires.

The massive Caldari and Gallente military buildups appear to have been completed within Samanuni, Amygnon, and nearby systems.

For this storyline to progress, I assume they need the gate. However, the Gallente FW seem not interested about it. So I hope CCP does not keep the faction mission up there for another month or so, just because of this.

Caldari were definitely there as concerted effort to wrap up the gate asap and it would be insulting to their efforts by letting Gallente get the gate for free or keep it up as “forever project” until sometime in December, maybe, they manage to finish it.


I take exception to that. Sure the Corporate Slave State whipped up their gate in good order, so why demand a default from the lollygagers?

Yes, CCP needs to have a care, but I’ve no doubt The States opponents will suffer from their tardy enthusiasms.

If I knew the enemy were building a gate to link up with mine, Id make sure mine didnt work.


All is fair I suppose.

This wouldn’t be the first time CCP gave RP “freedom” to capsuleers only to railroad the outcome in the end.


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