[NADSC] Connecting the Stars - The Gateway between Placid and Solitude

5th June FC238/YC123
Assiettes VI – Northern Colonial Commonwealth, City of Rhamnus, Port of Adrasteia Field Office
NADSC Office of Public Relations

Authorised for Immediate Release:

With the conclusion of the Federal Administration’s request for independent capsuleer assistance in resource extraction operations for the construction of the Ganoure-Mobrault stargate connection in Placid and Solitude respectively, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all those that participated in aiding the Federation in this historic endeavour.

In particular, I offer my congratulations to all of my fellow colleagues in Nadire Security Consultants, two of whom made it on the top ten highest contributing capsuleers as well as myself, for their steadfast and unwavering support throughout the deployment to Ganoure. I would also like to recognise the efforts of Aideron Robotics and their pilots for continuing to exhibit their loyalty and steadfastness to the Federation’s values.

I would also like to highlight the extraordinary efforts of Phoenix Naval Systems in their deployment to the Pakshi stargate construction site, with many amongst their number honoured for their commitment there.

The two-hundred and thirty-eighth year of the Federation shall be forever immortalised in the history books as the year in which Placid and Solitude were finally connected - albeit a low-security passage in space. Our Federation seeks to bring closer all those under it’s aegis, to further our appreciation and respect for each other’s culture and identity and unite us under one banner of liberty, equality, justice and brotherhood. Whilst the Federation has lived up to it’s promise on this occasion, we must not rest on our laurels. We must always hold it, and ourselves, to the high standards we expect.

Furthermore, it is my desire to see our talents called upon to assist in more projects which are peaceful in nature, to show the cluster that the capsuleer is not solely a violent instrument, but also a benevolent force. If the Federation should call on us again, Nadire Security Consultants will answer it willingly.

For Liberty and Justice. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants

Nadire Security Consultant Prospect-class Expedition Frigates in flight - by Captain Clementine Lafleur


An outstanding achievement, and a monumental achievement for the current presidential administration. My congratulations to all the hard working Federation citizens who made this dream a reality. May we not rest on our laurels, for there is still much work to be done in this beautiful, great Federation of ours.

One gate. One united Federation.

People. Country. Democracy. En Forts Ensemble.


Self-righteouseness inevitably leads to treachery, it’s an affliction of the weak-minded.

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