[MBSC] Statement re: President Aguard's Kenninck-Eggheron gate

I’m issuing this statement knowing that there are few in the Summit that involve themselves with the locations that will be linked in activity outside of the current excavations, but as the gate is leading to the district of my agency’s namesake, I feel compelled to issue a statement on the undertaking.

While MBSC is a Federation-loyal corporation, it is also reflective of Solitude as a distinct region, and the people that live there. Some may have noticed the rather vociferous contempt that many Solitude capsuleers have for the gate, and indeed, contempt that many baseliners in Solitude have for it. While I understand that the cause for concern from the latter was mainly centered around it being used to increase Quafe’s influence in the region, I believe that the gate’s connection point in Eggheron may have silenced some of those claims. Regardless, there are many voices yet in the region that are against the gate’s creation, some of which I have merit.

Therefore, I have chosen to abstain from offering assistance in building the gate to the Kenninck system. I feel like this is the most diplomatic option to take in this situation, and I respect that President Aguard has not chosen to compel Federal capsuleers to build the gate, even as it was one of her most prominent campaign promises.

This is also in no way a condemnation of Federal capsuleers seeking to aid in the gates’ constructions. I understand that folks from the main areas of the Federation are more favorable towards the construction of the gates, and I understand that they will offer much assistance towards its establishment. To them, I wish a safe journey to the more barren ends of Placid. It is just not something that I, nor any of the staff in MBSC can aid in good conscience, in taking to mind the opinions of those that live in Solitude.

I shall seek to anticipate whatever the construction of the gate will bring to the region however, and hope that ultimately, the region is enriched through the newly established link to Federation space.

Clordilen Ellevrette
President and CEO
Mobrault Security Consultants [MBSC]


I have reservations that connecting Placid with its Intaki majority to Solitude with its noted prejudiced view on Intaki due to historical tensions with the Syndicate was well thought out.

I’m aware that Solitude has a certain reputation about itself, yes. Given the criminal nature of the Syndicate, and how the Intaki as a people are so closely identified with it, there is bound to be strife and negative perceptions amongst the locals in Solitude. Which is exactly why I think a gate could improve that perception.

Solitude, for the longest time, has had three different gate connections to the Syndicate. It’s more likely that they would be exposed to the thieves and brigands that live within the Syndicate than to federal Intaki. While Solitude has a majority population of ethnic Gallente, there are burgeoning populations of Ni-Kunni, Minmatar, and yes, even Intaki that manage just fine. Foreign-operated corporations like Ducia Foundry and Freedom Extension even have a footprint in the region, for instance. I don’t deny that racial tensions exist in the region, but I believe that a lot of that is due to perception. Aridia, for instance, falls under the Khanid military circuit, and the Kingdom doesn’t exactly have a lot of support here. Yet there are still Ni-Kunni that choose to live here, and strive to change those perceptions that ought to be changed, as no Federal citizen ought to be judged solely on their ancestry.

Were the citizenry of Solitude exposed to Intaki that live under the Federation and uphold the values of our society that has allowed us to be the model empire of the cluster, I have no doubt that minds could be moved. Take my word for it. I am of Intaki descent myself, and during the Triglavian incursions in to civilized space, I showed up to every defensive operation required in the region, and with help from other capsuleers, managed to keep the entirety of Solitude free from the Trig menace. When I showed up at a ceremony to honor the region’s fallen that perished fighting them back, I didn’t notice any in attendance, or anyone I spoke to being particularly judgy about my ancestry. They might be good at hiding it, but since native Solitudans are a rather blunt and hardy people, I have my doubts there.

Deep down, even the most “conservative” of the Federation respect those from any ancestry that are willing to lay their lives on the line to defend the empire that comes the closest to offering true liberty and freedom to those within its constituency. While I’m not familiar with those that fought under the Federal Navy forces in Placid that repelled the Trigs, I’m sure that those that fought in Kenninck to repel the Trigs have plenty in common with the citizenry of Solitude. Commonality that would prosper even more, were the gate connection established.


Promoting tolerance and accord through allowing the interaction of people and ideas is a noble sentiment; but one should always keep in mind that the Federation already fought a civil war with the Caldari when noble sentiments were regarded as an undue imposition upon pre-existing cultural norms, traditions, and customs.

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