Solitude and the recent Federal elections

“Aguard’s pledge to link Solitude directly to the main Federation gate network has particularly energized voters in that region.”

As a Solitude resident I have somewhat mixed feelings about this. Does this mean we’re getting a new gate connection to Solitude? o.O

I don’t there should be any changes to the current gate system. Just leave it as it is. a high-sec island is interesting.

I mean it would sort of make life in Solitude easier, sure, but it would bring even more people into the region. Mixed feelings indeed.

I know the solitude area. It’s… well… solitude makes itbwhat it is. And it’s a distinct and special place in EVE. I’d like it to remain exactly that way.


Confirmed they are putting two distinct gates one to Boystin and one to Stoure direct from Dodixie

Don’t like the idea at all. While yes, it does make sense from an RP perspective, Solitude is a one-of-a-kind place in Eve, and I feel like its uniqueness is something that deserves protecting.

However, if it must be so, the connection needs to be lowsec-lowsec. Highsec-highsec and highsec-lowsec would kill the image of the region completely, a low-low gate would only damage it. It’d have to be deep in mainland Gallente lowsec too, something like Kenninck-Aimoguier, Pain-Aimoguier or Vestouve-Straloin, something like that. If not, what’s the point of even calling the region Solitude?

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The gates are going highsec-highsec from dodixie direct.

The outer ring doesn’t circle the galaxy.

Delve doesn’t involve going down anywhere.

The forge isn’t an actual forge.

Don’t try to act like names mean anything.

No new gate to Solutude, Stain or whereever. Stop feeding local trolls, please. Triglavians and filaments shows the direction CCP is going to change the map.

Why is RP talk in general, shouldn’t this be in IGS?

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Can you link the dev blog, dev chat, dev podcast or other official source for this please?

Or none of the above.


I think you are confusing “in game world news” with game mechanics.

How many real life election pledges never see the light of day? You can’t tell me that an election pledge from a make believe politician means “there are going to be two new stargates in Boystin and Stoure”

Until there is a Dev blog stating new stargate connections are going to be made it is just a puff piece / fake news.

It’s not just a name. It’s location in the gate network affords it a unique character. Perhaps not unique, for the cluster is vast and I’m sure there are other places like it, but special.

The question is, would a more direct connection endanger the region’s special character? Would it do that by making life in Solitude easier and by making the region more accessible? Absolutely. Is it a good thing? Not sure.

Well yes, it’s true that none of those regions do those things, and that’s why I wouldn’t make that example for those regions. If CCP wanted to add more stations to Derelik(ct), I’d be all for that. They’re sparse there, but not completely absent from the region. I wouldn’t advocate taking them away from somewhere like Lonetrek either, if the region’s named after a “lone trek” or something.

Solitude however, provably is a unique area of the game that happens to tie in to the name it’s been given. It’s a fairly weak point of my argument anyways so whatever, but my main point is that Solitude is an area of Eve that is one of a kind, and its separation from the rest of Gallente space is the primary aspect of what makes it unique. It’d be like if people wanted there to be at least 7-8 stations in every constellation in Khanid, an empire region that’s known for having very little stations in it (citadels excluded). It’d be like turning Syndicate or Great Wildlands in to hi/lowsec.

Take Kador, the region I’m in, for instance. There’s really nothing about it that makes it special, it’s just another cut and paste Amarrian region that’s mostly hisec with a little bit of lowsec. Why turn a place that does have a unique identity in to just another part of space?

Stories have a way of showing you a direction the developers would like to go if there is support for it. The residents of Solitude clearly don’t want it and High Seccers should not want it either. Null Sec should not have another paved road into High Sec. It should be bumpy and full of potholes. Are we NOT in the shortage phase??? if they want more combat and warfare, then they need more adversity in how they get supplies to and from their staging systems. They need to maintain Depots in low sec and guard supply convoys, they shouldn’t be able to buy all of Jita’s and Dodixie Ore and waltz to their staging systems right past the low sec hunters.

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