The Solitude Connection Symposium

((This is a collection of IC arguments made for and against the proposed Solitude gate connection to the Federation, as an interesting look at both IC and OOC arguments for and against such a gate. Due to length, arguments for and against, as well as a debate between the two ideas will feature in their own separate posts.))

Held in the Arasare system in the Goins district of Solitude, on the 4th of May, YC 123, aboard the Garoun Investment Bank depository orbiting Arasare V.

SPEAKER: Mme. Ansone Paubraelle
Presentation: "The Need for a more Concrete Link to the Federation, Especially in these Uncertain Times

Greetings to all, and my thanks to everyone in attendance for coming to this event. The fact that the turnout here is as large as it is speaks to our region as a community. It reinforces the fact that we, as a collective entity in the Federation, can grow and adapt, given good reasoning to do so. As this symposium is named as it is, I don’t think I need to go over what kind of adaptation I had in mind.

It is true, that despite our isolation, we have weathered many threats, to the point where we are undoubtedly idolized by the rest of the Federation for our resilience. One needs only to look at House Kador’s failed invasion attempts in Ratillose, and the events of the Triglavian invasions of the previous year to bear this out.

Harner, Pochelympe, Pertnineere and Elore. The pilots of this region fought valiantly to see all of those systems safely through the aggression of the Collective, and as a result, they have not shown themselves in this region since the latter’s observatory onlining. Time and time again, Solitude proves itself as a bulwark of the Federation, able to shrug off any threat, no matter the cost needed to do so.

But we are also as wise as we are strong. We wouldn’t have managed to survive on the frontier of colonized space for as long as we have without just a little cunning and tact. It was wise for us to accept the Federal Navy’s help so long ago, and now, in these times when so many existential threats abound across the universe, it is wise for us to do so again.

Elerelle is the district that borders the Amarr Empire, the only gate linking us to another one of the Big Four. As I’m sure you are all aware, hostilities between each other, which include an assault on the Minmatar system of Floseswin, and an attack on Tierijev in Verge Vendor have occurred recently. Conflicts that had grown cold in the wake of the Sansha, Drifters and Triglavians appear as if they may ignite once again. And yet, our border with the Amarr lacks any kind of Federal Navy presence by way of garrison.

I don’t think I need to explain in detail how unwise it is to leave the district with the highest levels of mineral wealth essentially undefended. What if there was an easy solution to this predicament, though? There is.

President Celes Aguard has mentioned that a gate linking Solitude to the Federation is one of her top priorities in her platform. It is not an empty promise, especially with the universe around us become far more treacherous than before. Given this inevitability, would it not be wise and tactful for us to have some input on where exactly this gate should go?

Quite simply, the best option for an undertaking like this would be a link between the Kenninck system in Placid, and Babirmoult. For those here unfamiliar with the Ganoure district in which Kenninck resides, it is in many ways like Elerelle itself. Far-flung from the central high-security areas of their respective regions, and bordering hostile, or at least piratical entities. There is a key difference, however, in that the Federal Navy has garrisons in Ganoure. Were a gate between Babirmoult and Kenninck established, it would take only five jumps for a Navy fleet to respond to any hostile actions occuring in Agaullores, our border system with the Amarr.

But what about jump technology? Surely the Navy would be able to respond quickly anyways, with cynosural fields. Even our enemies can do so, in the case of the Kador so long ago. Perhaps. What if baseliners like ourselves are not necessarily the intended benificiaries of such a gate, though?

There are many Federation-loyal capsuleers operating their own ventures within its borders. However, the majority of them remain within the larger collective area of the Federation. Some of them may be openly hostile to the Amarr Empire, and are also likely not on good terms with the Syndicate. Why then, must they traverse the Empire or the Syndicate through the existing gate networks to assist in the defense of Solitude?

I also understand that there is a sentiment among those opposing these viewpoints that fewer capsuleers in the region makes it uniquely safe for the residents here. Allow me to cite data from the Triglavian incursions in to the Placid region, of which we would possibly be linked to. Only one system, Athounon, has faced minor Triglavian fortifications. Keep in mind that this happened early in the invasions when Federal capsuleers could not adequately respond to Triglavian activity. Since then, the systems of Archavoinet, Renarelle, Alamel, Brellystier, Uphallant, Intaki, Amoen, Gallusiene, Gare and Kenninck have all either repulsed the Triglavians or have been outright fortified by EDENCOM. Capsuleers hostile to the Federation could not even bother to traverse two systems in Placid to attempt to conquer Federation space.

Capsuleers loyal to this region and loyal to the Federation are just as important in our defense as the Navy itself is. It would be common sense then, to provide a means by which they can more readily reach us, without having to traverse hostile space, and it would be wise of us to accept Federal assistance to help bolster us against foreign assault.

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SPEAKER: Mr. Vrynck Sterier
PRESENTAITON: "Fine On Our Own: Needlessly Trading Identity For Security."

My thanks to all that have come here today, to hear out what the people of this region really think about a decision that would so rapidly warp what we as a region are known for.

We, by the nature of how others access us, are so unique in comparison to the rest of the universe. It is our having to fend for ourselves that has led us to become the strongest men and women amongst the Federation that we are. It was us, that despite overwhelming odds from the pirates that infested our region so many years ago, that survived. That spit in the eye of subjugation for long enough until a power willing to respect our autonomous nature assisted in quelling the pirate hordes.

I am sure that those with less grace than I would accuse me of opposing the Federation and its Navy in its entirety. In fact, I do not. Why would I, when so many of the sons and daughters of this region, born unto the hardscrabble frontier that is Solitude, that have been molded through adversity in to the exemplary members of the Federation that they are today, inhabit the ranks of the Navy, the Federal Intelligence Office, and many other such positions? When one of our own, Mr. Mentas Blaque, has managed to hold such an important position in the Federation?

I maintain that our current relationship with the Federation is sufficient, and would be key to maintain. It is clear to me that the Federation is more than capable of maintaining cultural enclaves, when it comes to people at least. The Intaki, Jin-Mei and Mannar have all kept their unique identities intact without becoming overly Gallente. They have all found a unique balance that allows for them to be Gallente, yet maintain their uniqueness. Why then, can we not be afforded that same luxury?

Despite the majority of the region being ethnically Gallente, there are many that dwell within the region. Intaki that have sought to fled the chaotic and pirate-ravaged space that is the Syndicate. Ni-Kunni that have established themselves within the Federation, freeing themselves from the oppressive religion that considers them as second-class citizens within their own empire. What unites us all, however, is our toughnerss. Our resilience. You won’t find a soft target here in Solitude. Everyone here knows how important it is to cling on to life, to survive in the face of adversity. We don’t take anything for granted here.

This outlook has empowered us to be uniquely resilient amongst, arguably, the whole of New Eden. Our seperate nature, our reclusibity, our… Solitude, if you will, has allowed us to thrive. It then follows necessarily, that there is no need for any further militaristic buildup, when we have more than enough already.

I shall get to why I think certain parties are pushing for a new conneciton to be made in my debate with Mme. Paubraelle, but allow me to state in brief that I do not, nor shall I ever believe that Solitude needs more than it already has. Our unique position has offered us both the reclusivity and relative protection that suits us best. Changing that dynamic would change us. It will make us soft. It will damage our uniqueness beyond repair, which is something that I cannot tolerate, when we, the combined peoples that inhabit this region, have managed to make it the shining beacon of military strength throughout the Federation.


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