Standing Strong with Solitude

The recent news regarding the Comm Black out of Solitude is troubling.

A brief investigation has shown that Capsuleer Networks are unaffected by this attack.

The following initiatives below have been started in an effort to combat any further tragedies at the hands of these terrorists.

Representatives of my own have been sent to every Temperate Major Population center. Should a message need to be sent outside of the region my colleagues and I are here to assist.

If this is an attempt to attack the peaceful Citizens of the Federation in Solitude planetary Guard units have been deployed on all Temperate Planets region wide. WIth the Limited amount of man power available we have opted to use Quick Reactionary Forces for the smaller settlements on Barren and Temperate planets.

Solitude is my home. I do not wish to see it come to harm and me and mine will do what is necessary to see to the protection of this region.

Any requests for assistance or comments and concerns may message me here or personally.

Thank you,
~Drake Arson

So… a known Nation loyalist sending teams to major temperate population centers across a region? Yeah, doubt that your people are gonna be well received buddy, regardless of the pretenses under which they’re being sent there.


Do not be so dramatic.

The People of Solitude are in need of help.

As the Major Power Among Capsuleers of Solitude it is our responsibility to assist whenever and wherever we can.

Do not make mountains out of Mole hills.

Mountain out of mole hills? You are a nation supporter, how many upliftings did you help and protect when they were happening. How many millions of people have you stolen away from their homes to only throw them into the belly of the beast?

Now you are just using different phrasing.


If you are what passes for a ‘major power’, there are no powers in Solitude.


People of Solitude are strong and can deal with many things and if you want to help them you should focus on patroling the supply lines between those planets to prevent cases of piracy.


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