The objective of the game

What is the objectrive of the game? I need a objective to aspire it.
P. S. Why can’t I write on Russian forums?

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Or in other words: You set your own objectives that you want to achieve.

Sidenote: The old trailers were so much better at conveying the beauty of EVE and what you can do in EVE than all these rubbish player focused trailers.


The objective of this game is to send me as much ISK (and items) as you can.

PS: It is a sandbox game, everyone can set their own goals.

Be the last one to turn out the lights.


The objective is to become better at the game than anyone else good luck!

In all seriousness… there is no true objective in the game.

There are those who spend their time in the game in pursuit of wealth.
There are people whose sole objective is in making other players explode.
Then there are are other people whose objective is sowing chaos wherever they go.

Some want to be the best “support” they can be for the above players… living vicariously through them.
Others want to master the mechanics and be unmatched their abilities to manipulate the game’s mechanics.
Some want to create an empire of sorts.
And some people just want to see if they can survive or thrive.

My advice?
Attach yourself to a group of players and learn from them. Try the things they do and see what you like.
If you don’t like it, move on to another group.


The objective of this game, of any game really, is to have fun.

The definition of fun varies from player to player though.


You can Mine for paltry income
You can take out NPC pirates but get blown up by some schmuck before you make enough in bounties to cover the cost of the ship you are using. Every ship.
You can take part in glorious Faction Warfare where you will die in every Plex with mere minutes left on the timer (defensive or offensive) by someone flying the perfect counter to your ship. 100% of the time.
You can fall asleep doing level 4 missions for paltry income
You can invest billions into getting the ships you need to do burner missions that actually produce mediocre income
You can fall asleep station trading
The list goes on

My only recommendation is joining a corp so you can at least be miserable with other people.

The objective is to have fun. What you find fun can (and almost certainly will) change over time. The objective will always remain the same.


I like to blow things up so I blow things up, oftentimes that thing is myself.

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Bad question, like asking what is the objective of being alive, EVE its a sandbox, you define your goals.

I still give the same answer, to have fun :slight_smile:


The point of being alive is to remain so through either longevity or procreation :dog2:

Dunno. Is there a point in being alive? Probably 42.
The point of EvE: Social sandbox: You’ve got some rules and a nice environment, do what you want. To get rich, (in)famous and/or the white (or black) knight.

To have fun. Its a game.

Russians cannot have fun in this game.

It was because I didn’t choose category

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