The Physics of Space

My fellow capsuleers,

I was reading a holobook the other day with Di - my newly acquired pet Charisoco - on my shoulder when I came across something odd.

This book was a text on the science of ancient methods of transport throughout the cluster. I was particularly intrigued by the Gallente and Amarrian sections focused on water and air travel and how each designed new craft to ‘cut’ through the differing challenges required by their choice of ‘transport media’ as it was referred to.

It was particularly interesting to me when it was speculated that, if the Amarr learnt to travel on the water that they would have taken steps to travel through or even under the water as aa natural escalation of war technologies. The author also speculated that through understanding the physics of water transportation, the Amarr were given a head-start on developing space-travel.

Why were the Amarr’s water pilots ahead of the Gallente airmen, I hear to ask? After all, surely the higher up you go, the closer you get to space and so the conditions must be similar?

I thought that too but what I read shocked me. I always though space was an empty vacuum but ships travelling through it don’t behave as if they are. Instead, they act as if they are under water!

I don’t know how much of this is true but I figured that, if anyone would know, it would be known within the denizens of the IGS.

For reference, the book was called ‘From Sails to Airships: How Ancient Transport Influenced Space Travel’ by Dr Marliree Kallet.

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That is because the warp drive has a gravity capacitor that is always “on” in order to jump in and out of the FTL bubble.

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It’s because of the power-enhanced generators, which when active have a connection with subspace that creates drag in real space. That connection to subspace is what also allows for warp drives, stargates, cloaking, and so on. Space is a vacuum, and when the PEGs are turned off ships behave as you would expect in a vacuum.

Most of this is covered in capsuleer training.


PEGs sure can be a drag.

It’s been a bit of a journey since then and I was sponsored by the New Order of Halaima so I was rather rushed. But thank you all for the clarification. I know what next to read up on.

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A real book? Sounds interesting but I’m having no luck finding it online anywhere.

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