True story: Cleansing of 9UY/Providence

Lord Vaari, the hero of the amarrian loyalists hated this particular moment. The moment when warped tunnel of somewhat unknown space merges with real space…our space…the amarrian space.

He had done this thousands of times, but every time it causes slight nausea. In protein rich tank, Lord Vaari touches his stomach like every time this happens. Holographick instruments shows he to be in command deck like…real captains.

There is command deck. Even in these advanced ships. Command capsule is right next to it. To everyones pleasure, ship’s crew sees their captain sitting in his holographic command chair and their captain sees his crew like normal bridge of the spaceship.

  • We are through the wormhole, thank the God.
    Master of the bridge said.

-My Lord, Multiple heretic contacts, scanning independent owned structures as you commanded. Your orders, my lord?
Master of the bridge held his hand at his back and nodded slighty towards command capsule.

-Warp to the jump bridge array. Scanners at full strength.
Master of the bridge nodded again when command capsule audio repeaters formed the Lord Vaari’s thoughts to hearing form. Voice was real, like his Lordship would invoced them personally. Immence old age combimed with authority and self importance.

Only few second later TES Strawberry emmerges from the warp tunnel near CVA’s jump bridge array. Slighty further loomed their star fortress. Mighty Keepstar class construct, fully operational and majestic. Shining in sinister light the fortress stole everyones sight.

Keepstars were dangerous and majestic beyond mortal comprehension. Their dominance were absolute and one keepstar could easily hold out hundreds of ships. With little help…thousands. Lord Vaari were here alone and his ship were small assault frigate. It was second generation amarrian frigate, but still a one ship.

-God omnipotent is with us. Carry out your duties.
Lord Vaari said. His crew continued their duties, but still glanced time to time at the great citadel, like making sure its mighty, unimaginable powerful arcing vorton projector is not charging.

-Alert! Alert! Alert! Heretic approaches!
Computer declared. Not a two seconds passed, when crew were at their stations and started to assess the situation.

-My Lord. The enemy is GROUND XERO of hte CVA. he command the Hawk-class and is approaching. Time for no retreat 6 seconds. Master of the bridge said.

-We attack. We destroy him quickly and retreat.
Lord Vaari said.

-As you command, my Lord.
Master of the bridge nodded.

-Afterburners to the full, lock the target and open fire. For God and the Empress, beloved by all!
Master of the bridge commanded.

-For house Valius! For the Empress! For the GOOOOD!
Bridge crew yelled and stomped their legs to the floor.


Two ships approached each others in the great emptiness of space. Golden amarrian frigate and dark metal of caldari design were soon to meet in deadly space warfare.

-Gamma crystals, open fire. Pray for our survival
Lord Vaari said.

-You heard his lordships! ON THE DOUBLE!
Master of the bridge yelled. sweat were forming on his forehead, but he resisted the primitive urge to swipe it on. He was master of the bridge on amarrian ship on just cause, and he would be damned if he abandon his posture before his lord and his God.

Two ships encountered themselves in great coldness of space. While amarrian ship discharged its potent lasers, the CVA’s ships launched innumerable amount of missiles.

Space was blinding when ships, their shield and weapons made contact. Energies enought to destroy small unprotected cities collided and two sides entered into electronic warfare range. This was it. There were no retreating. Both warp computers could only spit out mathematic mess insted of extremely precise calculations needed to perform a warp jump.

This was it. Lord Vaari was here and this was his dream. To punish Curatores Veritatis Alliance of their treachery. To abandond and confiscate Lord Vaaris former alliance territory. To humiliate him so many times by threatening to KOS him. So many lies to defend Amarr Empire, while serving only the money. It was here! The vengeance is upon the CVA

TES Strawberry were fastly showing its superiority. GROUND XERO, heretical servant of the CVA were utterly and totally lacking skills to challenge the champion of Amarr, the Great Jarl of Sosan VII. What was that foolish boy thinking? That he is facing some self important nobleman? Little did he know.

Lord Vaari saw everything. His bridge crew were professional. His ship was well equiped and most importantly, he himself was prepared. He was skilled to the pinnacle to command these ships! Lord Vaari…he, He was the Gods displeasure towards CVA made manifest.

He felt this all on his command capsule. He felth how small missiles collapsed into amarrian shields, and he saw how his lasers penetrated first the shields and then pitiful armor of the caldari ships.

Lord Vaari yelled in his mind oaths of loyalty to Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all and God Omnipotent, and his command capsules audio devices transferred thoght into audible form! Crew stomped the floor and repeated the war cries!

This day is to be remembered. This is the day when Lord Vaari smites the treasonous CVA and reminds them of their mortality.

This would be the day of loyalist victory without question.


You shot down a Hawk?



Don’t belittle it. It’s his first “real” solo kill in nine years. I’m still damn proud of my first.




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