The Pioneer Company - B0SS - [USTZ][NPC NS]

TPI0C is currently seeking new pilots to join our ranks. We are a small group of like-minded individuals who enjoy industry and small gang roaming. We welcome new members with open arms and provide mentorship from our advanced players. We are active in late-night USTZ but also have members in EUTZ. We focus mostly on small-gang and alliance fleets. However, we are a null-sec corporation and run fleets to support those activities.

  • We have multiple fleets a week (Roaming/Alliance/Mining/Ratting).
  • Free ship and ship replacement programs.
  • Active discord server and mumble with generally fun conversation.
  • Access to null-sec from our home in Venal.
  • Weekend fun fleets, we could cause trouble or strip a few belts.

Brotherhood of Spacers (B0SS) operates in NPC null and focuses on PVP content. TPI0C pilots who focus on industry should also have an interest in PVP using either your main or alt account. While we do not have a hard skill point requirement. You should be able to comfortably fly frigate and cruiser class ships.

You can also join “TPI0CPUB” to learn more.

Recruitment is still open. Check us out!

Still looking for new members.

We have a good group of folks, come join the fun.

Growing a solid group of players. Come join us in the USTZ!

Still looking for a few more active members. Our small gang is growing but we still need new pilots.

Still recruiting members. We continue to grow and have fun in late night USTZ.

Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for the right people to round out our small gang.

Still looking for the right pilots to join our ranks.

Do you fantasize about taking direct action against the bots of Eve? Join today!

Still recruiting new pilots.