The Pioneer Company - GameTheory - High-Sec

TPI0C is currently seeking pilots to join our ranks. We are a small group of like-minded individuals who enjoy time with our families and not dropping everything to play eve. We welcome new members with open arms and mentor them to the same knowledge level as our advanced players. We are active in USTZ but have members in EU/ASIA as well. We focus mostly on mining, industry, and trade. However, we are starting to expand into low-sec and need PVP players to protect our fleets and cause havoc.

  • We have multiple mining fleets w/ boost a week.
  • Free ship and ship replacement programs.
  • Active discord server and generally fun conversation.
  • Access to low-sec/null-sec from our home in Genesis.
  • Friday/Saturday fun fleets, we could cause trouble or strip a few belts.

GameTheory Alliance provides access to C2/C4 wormhole space and many services across New Eden. GAME also believes that just having fun and enjoying your play style matters most to its members. They offer a robust buyback program that includes ore, ice, and loot.

You can also join “TPI0CPUB” to learn more.

Recruitment is still open. Check us out!

Still looking for new members.

We have a good group of folks, come join the fun.

Growing a solid group of players. Come join us in the USTZ!