The Powerful Spaceship

There was a mighty spaceship with a curious crew exploring the breadth and depth of the cosmos and as they would then come to a new world in their exploration… a new planet…a new solar system, they would then with their curiosity investigate, interact…share…trade…exchange, taking what they needed of that which was freely given to them, giving back that which was what the world might need, what the people on the world might need.

And one day in the midst of such an exchange, the crew was asked by the inhabitants of one of the worlds they were visiting, “Exactly, tell us if you would, with this great, great majestic ship you have orbiting our world, tell us if you would just exactly how powerful are you?”

And the captain of the crew said in response to this question, “Our ship can boil your seas…turn them to steam, level your cities in the wink of an eye, turn your entire population to dust in an instant”. “Oh”, said the inhabitants, “that is very powerful”. “No”, said the captain, “What gives us our power is that we would never do such a thing, that is how powerful we are…that we have this at our disposal and would never use it that way…that is how powerful we are”.

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