The Proving Grounds, as they are now, are an Utter and Complete Failure

One problem is that no matter what CCP says they’re trying to accomplish, even when they’re semi-honest about it, they’re limited by the facts that the real goal is “How will this change drive more sales?” and also that there are a bunch of managers at CCP apparently back-seat driving about game design with concepts that simply don’t work. “Scarcity creates conflict” and whatever other corp slogans make up the current agenda.

Another problem is the programming team appears to be quite limited in their ability to make workable changes to the game. They score about 2 failures for every programming success, by my count.

This leads to a situation where CCP and players both try to make “one size fits all” solutions, and abandon anything that doesn’t work out or doesn’t seem to create a demand for more sales.

Arenas, nor any other one-shot solution, won’t solve the problem. To solve all those issues, you would be looking at making the original style proving grounds (run and done) available all the time. Then you would tweak the Proving Ground events to make a sort of prestige/high end goal for more structured PvP. Then you would resurrect and correct the Resource Wars design to provide for some additional short-session, on-the-fly fleet forming and goal-achieving PvP challenges for solo/small fleet PvP engagement for the “just trying PvP out” crowd.

Unfortunately, developing a comprehensive strategy like that where different events/features are aimed at different segments of the player base in order to develop a more PvP-oriented culture appears to be beyond their capacity. They work on one system at a time until someone says “Guys this is going nowhere, let’s work on the next sales driver” and then they abandon it or leave it to languish half-finished.

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just asking to everybody
out of ignorance …
as example :
Was that the scarcity reason this big war popped up in Null sec ?
second question
what i observe is LOW sec and FW PVP at the verge of death … and whenever i go low… either totally deserted or i see some big null aliances big fleets doing something something … which doesnt contribute low sec eco system at all … so was that content drieness also sourced by this scarcity?

Answers in my head which im not really sure because i never been into politics ect … no it was not the reason… dunno the real reason still

Second … big null aliances overpowered fleets sulking in the low sec cause and drown the content in the area even more … there is very little amount of low sec aliances who can deal and stand against these size of supported power… as well as so far many low sec FW corps i know they moove into null sec already to get into that war…

also what i heard from so many pilots fight currently this big war they are just smashing their bigges one last time in EVe and enjoy their capitals… and isk they made… and when war is over they say this is end game for them and they will win this game for good

if im wrong… please enlighten me… if im right then please tell me how possibly CCP thinks and believes that all this clowney job will contribute the game play ecosystem and community …MOROVER how possibly create profit for them in long term

inform and discuss…


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Pretty sure they introduced the concept of ‘Autarky is anathema to Free Trade, Scarcity breeds Conflict’ way before the war was announced. And that war was merely started out of “we need some conflict in New Eden”. If anything the changes surprised both parties, especially the goons when they realized Null-Sec was being clubbed to death, so if we can accuse CCP of anything it is to try to stir up some chaos during that war.

To be honest, I do agree with that motto, I do think that the game needed a squeeze of resources, and doing some redistribution was needed. So on this one I do commend CCP at least for the intentions of the those changes.

And if anything, the idea of introducing chaos in the game gave us the Storms, and seeing their uses during the Winter Nexus event should show them as a worthwhile addition.

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Some dev time on low sec would be great :D, I think if null boys are quitting they won’t mind null getting back row for a bit then.

Although its kind of obvious null will get their resources balanced back abit higher first as that was pretty much hinted strongly by CCP.

Most conflicts in null are staged. Kind of like…reverse Potemkin conflicts, if you will, intended to show how rough things are on the inside, in an attempt to hold on to massive wealth-generating prestige. There’s an occasional conflict because someone gets a beef with someone else. Very rarely it is the case where a null-sec conflict is about resources. A long, long time ago this was the case, when blocs fought for control of regions with particularly good anomalies and such.

honestly, I had seen kinda link so many times for years… A colorful maps showing who owns which area and how this is changing … kind of constantly changing colors and a very dynamic picture … I wonder if anyone made a kind of variation of this ( time-lapse ) video… It become more dynamic last years or more stagnant …

i had seen a film … wasvery disturbing and creepy and called “The Platform”. In that film, there was a platform going up and down like 100-150 levels of the building … and every day on top lvl … a group of cooks prepare kind of delikatesse and top class food enough for all people in the building … and platform begin to lvl down slowly and stay at every each lvl exact same amount of time… so if everybody eats just enough to live healty… there is enough food for people in every lvl… and food can reach out to bottom of the building … and people each and every layer swithes to lvl after exact amount of time… so if one week you are on top lvl next day you can end up in bottom… and simply people had been in bottom lvls had been eating each other pieece by peice by keeping them alive …

i wont write more about if you interested you can check the film… SO Null sec is MASSIVE! sources are plenty…
SO hunger for living is not the reason for fights … gaining power, and other things on the scene … Even though CCP half everything there is still abundant of sources … ATM war is going on … question is : will this war give them more than they lost up to now?

another alternative is … if everybody makes a deal and doesn’t attack each other… they can constantly farm the field and get fatter and fatter… at the end … this is not a REAL WORLD… In real world sources are limited on earth’s surface and they just doesn’t “respawn” in many cases lol. SO wars makes sense

As well as FW CCP introduced… let’s take cal gal space… 1 day all cal members take over and the sites and plex… next day they step down and gal farms everything … and do this with an alfa toons simply with no single shot places… and use all these by creating lot of small or large independent pirate corporations go and fight against each other non stop for just the sake of funs \o/ so much isk on their pockets

i really dont want to keep this long but i think you get the idea what im trying to say here…

this whole thing is not realy different than Platform … even worst… because in Platform soruces are extremely limited and its life and death issue… but this is a game … And actually all players can easily FARM the CCP ! instead of trying to farm each other …

AFTER than may be CCP can go that Scarcity thingy begin to makes sense … not now may be?

Next Proving Grounds leaked.

Now, I’d say, would be a good occassion to monitor the popularity of the Proving Grounds.

Let’s try to see how many unique characters participate in those. I see Black Pedro found a way to do so, and I guess I can try to replicate his method.

@Black_Pedro, if you are open to do your measurement once again, or show us how you did it?

Sure, I can scrape the results easy enough with my existing, albeit, inefficient code.

But all I did is reimplement what Squizz and zkill did. I download each killmail (zKill has an API to get the hashes) and the ones in Abyssal space are classified as… well Abyssal and then ones with other players on it are PvP, and the rest with only NPCs, are PvE. Then just count the unique names present in each category each day to get the number of characters participating.