The recent patches are insane ideas. How about some more insane ideas

Not long ago if you told me there would be ships with ramping DPS and no falloff, aoe lightning guns, instanced content, etc. I’d have said that was too out there for CCP to do. Now we’re here, CCP is just fully in to doing weird ■■■■ just because its weird.

So hey, how about a thread just for weird top level ideas. I’ll start.

Quantum Entangled Upwell Structure

  • A structure simultaneously occupying two points in space at once.
  • Up side: Its essentially a dockable subcap jump bridge with a single service slot. Dock in, and you can undock in either place.
  • Down side: It is LITERALLY the same structure in two places. That means you have to simultaneously defend it in two places at once.
  • Occupying the gun chair of one side prevents the other from being occupied.
  • Both sides share the same pool of EHP, same timers, same services, same everything.
  • Two stage anchoring process. Anchor timer doesn’t begin until both locations are anchored.
  • Service costs spooky abyssal fuel made from abyssal mats.
  • No tethering. The tethering widgets were repurposed to support quantum entanglement.
  • Both points must be in the same galaxy.
  • Quantum entanglement is irreversible. Can not be unanchored, only destroyed.

Yulai Operations Long-range Overwatch Generator

  • Same fitting costs and ship limitations as a cyno.
  • Punches a triangle through spacetime, like needlejacks, to a random system of any sec, in any galaxy.
  • Vessels of the same mass or lower than the initiating vessel may use this hole.
  • Uses abyssal filaments as fuel.
  • Triangle remains open, probable, and traversable, for up to 48 hours if not closed.
  • Triangle is immediately closed by any ship entering it from the destination side (stranding the one who closed it at the origin point)

SOE Capital Ship - Sojurner

  • Weak but highly mobile “mothership” forward operating base, unique limited jump mechanics.
  • Centerpiece of the exploration endgame - undiscovered space
  • Capital/Structure hybrid, single high slot, may only fit Upwell Configuration Systems
  • Fitted configuration system has a 15 minute activation time, deploys/undeploys ship to small size Upwell structure. 3 hour cooldown. Structure bonuses determined by configuration system fitted. Can not cycle/aborted while damaged.
  • Uses 7x capital mids, 1x structure lows, structure rigs, 2x service slots
  • May field 1 flight structure fighters in structure mode, still uses capital mids while as structure but has small structure base tank.
  • Service slots still require 3 days fuel to online. Failing to online will still leave it in low power mode.
  • May only dock BCs and lower. Ejects all docked pilots when deploying to ship mode (offline pilots will emergency warp out after 30 second timer)
  • Uses station cargo/hangar mechanics when deployed, has large SMA, can only access “station” hangars in station mode, but may move assets to/from SMA while in station mode.
  • Slip Drive: Based on Abyssal research. Only jumps to cynos with a WH connection to current system, can not bridge, no c13s.
  • Astrometrics Lab: Unique service module, allows probe scanning while docked with SOE standard probing bonuses+capsuleer skills. Uses probes from dedicated Probe storage bay.
  • Astrometrics Lab capable of identifying rare wormholes to otherwise inaccessible systems.

Upwell Service - Embassy

  • Adds mission agent of selected type/faction.
  • Does not add LP store
  • Agent starts as L1 agent and increases in rank as more missions are completed, dropping if minimum mission completions are not maintained.
  • Offlining the service resets agent rank.
  • Corp must have and maintain 9+ standing.
  • Kspace Only


The Minmatar ship “Probe” should be renamed to “Sojourner” :rage:

Quantum Entangled Mobile Weapons

Two ships are linked, both has wormholes linking one’s weapons to the other control. One is a firing platform, one is a targeting platform.

Requirement : Consumes jump fuel per firing cycle.
Limit : The firing ship is locked in space. Both ships are can be warped to by anyone without needing to be scanned down. Destruction of one ship would destroy both ships.

Benefit : You can fire any weapon through the wormhole at whatever the other ship targets.

Jump Portal Inverter
A jump drive that immediately teleports all nearby ships to a cyno beacon, effectively kidnapping all players in a 10, 25, 50km radius.

LImit: Each ship taken consumes jump fuel equivalent to jump bridge. Order goes from smallest to largest ship.

The ultimate reverse hot drop.

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