The Rise and Fall in Bitcoin Value

It will be like in old, good times. Where people like him were common sight in GB.

The good old days!

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I don’t.
I literally used the exact sentence you wrote :

Which implies, they can’t be wrong.

difference between me and you : when I say it’s a quote, I can prove it.

Bitcoin is not backed by anything. It doesnt have any intrinsic value.

To me it implies they are honest, don’t worry about it I notice we think in completely different ways, and I also notice you said nothing about my other points.

the main point in the statement was about if people tell the truth or not, not if they are right or wrong.

Your claim is that BTC is a ponzi, I pointed out salesmen who sell financial products that include BTC are never honest, in general salesmen are the least honest people. And I asked if you have ever been sold a dodgy car by a salesman. You are afraid to answer because it would prove my point that it is the manipulators causing issues with BTC and not BTC istelf.

FYI a very large number of people have been sold a dodgy car where the seller didn’t give full disclosure about the cars inner workings, does this sound familiar at all to you?

That’s not fact. That’s an opinion.
We were talking about facts : to tell the truth is about facts, not opinion.

No. I proved it. Again, the only issue is that you don’t want to accept the proof.

I believe thieves are even worse.
No idea how you can accept those blanket statements.

That’s opinion again - and a personal attack.
Funny that you claim to be about fact when all you base your argument on, is your own dreams and delusions.

Also funny that your argument is based on “if you don’t answer my personal attack then I am right”. Again, non sequitur.

Why are you trying to pretend dodgy salesmen don’t exist everywhere? Do you do this to try and make your false narrative seem true? Nobody has to interact with a theif, however you will encounter salesmen at some point in your life which is unavoidable.

Just so we are crystal clear and on the same level please could you post your proof when responding to this? By proof I mean something factual which is approved by lots of people other than yourself. If you’re unable to do this what you’re saying is a claim.

Is this your idea of a good conversation? Not bothering to answer something you are asked? Why bother typing then if no one is able to ask you questions in order to check the logic of what your saying and get an insight into the way you think?

That’s a plain lie.

However, you pretend that salesmen are worse than thieves. “in general salesmen are the least honest people”.
That’s a claim you made.

Ok, I’ll try again.

Have you ever in your life had an experience with a dodgy salesman/person?

No. You are pretending I made claims I did not.
Apologize for your lies.

See, Your claims have flaws, this is the reason why you can’t answer such a simple question.

Funny how I have absolutely no problem answering any question you have for me to the best of my ability.

Face facts, Dodgy salespersons misled a whole lot of people into purchasing and handing over BTC. They were not honest and did not give them a true picture of what could happen.

argument from ignorance.

Nope from fact, you clearly do not want to answer my question. This is not a conversation this is you trying to bully people into accepting your silly claims.

argument from ignorance.

Lol, you realise what you type is blatantly there for all to see right?

still waiting for your exact quote.

It’s okay I’m done I realise you don’t have much else to contribute except awkward conversation. I’m good thanks.

So those “exact quote” you were talking about, where only lies ?

I thought salesmen were the worse and bitcoiners only said the truth…

The irony in this one is killing me.

It’s okay buddy, continue with your belief I have no more points for you.

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I’m surprised they allowed the 2nd video. The US government secretly plotting to destroy confidence in crypto? SBF is a government agent? This is crazy if it’s true.