Why didnt u sell on top? 📉

Bitcoin crash incoming :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Or just dump the HDD and forget your password lol


No, it already crashed, but it will go deeper.

I have money in stocks, not the coin.

This is what I am watching now.

I could have sold for 25% profit, but I sold at around 2% to 10% of that.

I could have bought them back after, as they gained value back again.

I am currently updating more accurate data for comparative needs to make more sure that I don’t sell for less than I bought, and to track when I bought what at what price and so on.

Not all purchases are the same but the system only tracks totals.

I’m not selling, we are still in the middle of the bull cycle.


I just bought $0.30 yesterday or 2 days ago from another system using no wallet.
I got a wallet before, but I cannot find it back again.

I may start a new CoinBase Wallet since it may let me buy DogeCoin.

This 2nd Bitcoin system also doesn’t use a wallet which allows for other systems to be added.
Both claim those coins can be traded to a wallet, however, I did not confirm either yet.

The first system I invested in already costed me 3 times more than it’s 300% profit to be able to verify and it’s still not done and it tired me a lot.

1 minute later:
I know someone who just bought $100,000 in bitcoin after this thread was posted (for it).

He gave me his financial advisor phone number.

You know that Doge is a pump & dump coin? Buying it when it already pumped is asking to lose money.


That depends yes.

10 days later at 01:58 Thu Feb 11, 2021:
So, the man that bought $100,000 in bitcoin made 20% from $45,000 to $60,000 in bitcoin.

That’s over 2 bitcoins, + 20% in 1 week.

Just hit 52k. So who listened to op an sold at 38k? LOL

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250k or bust


Good boy

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Those who bought cheaper, sold and will enjoy profits.

Sell to gold :wesmart: why would you sell to a depreciating currency?

Take a look at PAXG

It is fiat that is depreciating in value, only use fiat currency for day to day needs, not long term storage lol

For long term storage you dont use any currency or crypto. It is good for speculation, not storage of wealth.

Gold and property

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I’m looking for solutions where I can have all my money in Bitcoin and just convert at the point of sale. There are still a few pieces missing there I will need fiat, but it gets closer every month.

All in, that would just be stupid imo

And missed out on more profits. Simple

I don’t think so. I don’t look at it as an investment. It is the future of money for me.

Profit is profit.

FOMO is a bad thing.

Imagine even bankers feel it now. Will go and buy a lot of it, when falls will start, they will be panic selling, really massive dumps, imagine they will all start dumping it. After it will be over in a year or two, Buy it for the money you already earned now, silently. Then sell when it will be up again, realizing more profits. That is how you do it.

We are nowhere near FOMO levels yet. That will only start when retail enters the market and completely overbuys at the end of the cycle. Then we will have 50-80% correction. It helps to actually look at the models and on-chain analysis and not just go with the gut feelings you know.

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