The Rogues of Gallifrey are Recruiting

In-game Public Channel: RofG Recruitment

Discord: WarParty

The Rogues of Gallifrey are fairly new to eve. We come from a multitude of other MMO’s in the hopes of finding a good home for our community. EVE is our latest endeavor and we look to make it last, but we need your help.

We have a good home in Placid. Only one jump into low and null security space. We are primarily an Indy corp but we love to do PvP. We currently hold 2 public PvP op’s a week, and will be opening mining op’s soon.

We are in the process of starting up a free ship and module hanger for all members to use as needed. There will be T1 frigate hulls as well as T1 modules, ammo, and drones. T2 fit fleet doctrine fits we be on contract in our Raitaru soon^TM.

We offer:

  • Access to third party tools. (Tripwire, Discord, Fleet-Up)

  • Content. We might be industrialists but we like to fight too.

  • A relaxed Atmosphere. - RL always comes first but we do ask that prolonged absence is discussed beforehand.

  • Community - RofG has been together for many years come be a part of our family.

Requirements for application:

  • None feel free to contact us here, in our public chat, or through our recruiter Alexsander Glazkov.

Wasup Alex- Ran across you post, trolled your KB and couldn’t help but notice you guys look like you are into PvP… Wasn’t sure if you wanted to add a few null sec systems to hold up in and smack some reds around.

The space is in Tenerifis (2PG and PEK) If your Corp is at all interested in some fresh content stop by our discord: (Wormageddon)

I think we could provide you a ton of fresh content. While you still keep your own identity and goals. We are looking for like minded bro’s who want to have a good time.

-Xeno Dragoon

Hey Xeno sorry to get back to you so late. I had some stuff come up and have been away from EVE for some time. But yeah that sounds awesome. If the offer still stands I would love to get into null sec. However we actually split our corp in two recently with the new corp being all PvP focused and the other being our industry back bone.

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