The Scope – Fight Against Smugglers and Growing Diplomatic Crisis

The Scope – Fight Against Smugglers and Growing Diplomatic Crisis

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports on the ongoing fight against smugglers and growing diplomatic crisis between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.

The Scope News in Brief

  • CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department Briefs Inner Circle on Extensive Smuggling Network Across New Eden

  • Caldari Milita Warzone Counter-Offensive in Placid Retakes Intaki System and Pushes Back in Black Rise

  • Guristas Reportedly Receive Large Cache of Stolen Materials from Capsuleers Loyal to Pirate Group

  • Federal Senate Refuses to Comment on Status of Leopold en Villari While Protesting Caldari Warrant for Arrest

  • Thukker and Caldari Organized Crime and Mercenary Organizations Reported Co-Operating in Smuggling Enterprise

  • Delegates to Interstellar Anti-Smuggling and Counter-Piracy Conference Arrive at Jita 4-4 Ahead of Summit

  • Hunt for Guristas Spy Esri Hakuzosu Continues as Intelligence Indicates Renegade Caldari Agent on the Move in Venal

  • Intaki Assembly Members Express Concerns at Reported Involvement of Onikanabo Brigade in Smuggling Network

  • Empress Catiz I Deploys Units of Imperial Guard to Devoid and Bleak Lands to Monitor Planetary Security Situation

  • Federal Defence Union Takes Hasmijaala Following Push on Caldari Mining and Production System

  • Guristas Unleash So-Called “Deweaseling Brigades” in Venal Stations as Outlaws Seek to Eliminate Informers

  • Krullefor Organization Working with Seykal Clan’s Expeditionary Group to Smuggle Illegal Weapons According to ACN Report

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Holds in Aset and Continues Occupation of Klogori System Despite Minmatar Pressure

  • Increasing Alarm on Intaki Prime and in Placid as Caldari Rhetoric Over en Villari Connection to Spying Heats Up

  • Tribal Liberation Force Consolidates in Amarr-Minmatar Warzone as Republic Justice Department Raids Slaver Bases

  • Intara Family Denies Claims by Wiyrkomi Corporation that State Corporate Law Broken by Intara Direct Action