The Scope – Mass Defection and Dreadnought Advances

The Scope Reports

Alton Haveri reports on the aftermath of Caldari State mass defections, the theft of Caldari capital ship construction technology, and the subsequent spy hunt within the Caldari State.

The Scope News in Brief

  • Caldari State Authorities Claim Excellent Progress in Recovery of Stolen Research and Development Data

  • Security Increased for Upcoming Interstellar Anti-Smuggling and Counter-Piracy Conference at Jita 4-4 Trade Hub

  • Reports from Amarr Border Regions of Devoid and Bleak Lands Indicate Rise in Rebel Activity and Raids Against Slaver Bases

  • AEGIS and Federal Marines Refuse to Comment on Reports of Veles Clade Presence on Surface of Athounon Storm Planets

  • Caldari State Protectorate Forces Secure Reschard System as Fighting in Placid Continues to Rage Across Region

  • Guristas Spy Ring Leader Esri Hakuzosu Still at Large as Hunt for Escaped Spies Winds Down in State Territory

  • Smuggling on the Rise Across New Eden as DED Warns of Turf Wars Between Outer Regions Pirates and Empire Based Criminal Organizations

  • CONCORD’s AG12 Office on Technology Sharing Monitors Dispersal of Stolen Capital Ship Technology Following Guristas Espionage

  • Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade Consolidates Fortified Positions in Aset and Eytjangard Despite Stalled Counter-Offensive in Eugidi Constellation

  • Federal Senate Subcommittee on Caldari-Gallente Relations Briefs President Celes Aguard on Trip to State and Jita 4-4 Incident

  • Caldari Loyalist Capsuleers Reportedly Pass Intelligence on Location of Hakuzosu to State Special Forces

  • Angry Exchanges in Republic Between Minmatar Clans of Skarkon II and Gallente Academic Over “Planet Not Worth Fighting For” Comments

  • CONCORD Conflict Monitoring Warns of Massive Increase in Weapons Smuggling to Militia Warzones Through New Smuggler Networks

  • Sources at Imperial Court Claim Full Privy Council Meeting Scene of “Heated Debate Over Strategy in Devoid and Bleak Lands”

  • State Counter-Intelligence Efforts Focus on Venal in Fight to Eliminate Guristas Infiltration and Surveillance Capabilities