The Seekers Investigation

Hi all!
I’m new to the game; Just wondering if I should bother completing 20/20 for The Seekers Investigation; I haven’t bothered with the side missions so far (Just made it to “Upgrades” pretty quick)

Is there any advantage to completing all of these missions, or is it simply based on whether or not I need the practice? Thanks in advance!


16/20 are the only real parts of that tutorial. The final four simply link you to four of the five Career Agents associated with the school you chose during character creation.

The side missions each award you with about 50,000 ISK on completion. They’re not necessary but if you’d like that ISK you gotta do it. They don’t take long.

You should absolutely do all the Career Agent missions. They are designed to supply you with ISK, a bit of reputation with your faction, some ships, and a bit of knowledge about game mechanics and playstyles.


And after you finished the path, it doesn’t spam your agency window any more :slight_smile:

To be honest: If you are completely new, it’s worth the money and skills you receive. And If you do it for an Alt and know what you do and have to fly, it takes less than an hour, so is no big hassle either.

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