Tutorial Help

Umm… the introduction quest has 4 career agent-related quests, I completed the first one, but afterwards I didn’t check The Seekers Investigation again and proceeded to finish the career agent missions myself, basically I forgot the other 3 quests : The Exploration Of Space, Taking Care of Business, and The Engines of Industry existed.

Now my problem is since I’ve completed the career agents’ missions, when I activate the career-agent related missions in The Seekers Investigation(the tutorial) I cannot complete it, the mission simply directs me to the career agent, I click on start conversing and the person says I have nothing more to give you but the tutorial missions are still active and not completed

I don’t really care for rewards or anything I’m just a completionist and it bothers me that I can’t finish these missions.

Once you leaves the Tutorial Deadspace, you cannot return to the area unless you’ve remembered to create a bookmark.

from my understanding you just need to find where you started the game and it will let you wrap to finish the rest i have many new alts and done this it took time to find which system it was however

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