The Simorian Order -C4 - C3/C5 Wormhole Corporation

PVP Wormhole corporation looking for new members!
Minimum requirements: 15 mill SP

  • English Speaking, highly active
  • Laid Back EU Time Zone
  • Omega Only
  • Experienced Leadership
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Discord
  • Resource Buyback Program
  • Exceptional Planetary Interaction
  • C4 Home Hole With C3 and C5 Statics
  • C5 Fleet Site Ratting (upto 500 Million/h)
  • Small Gang PvP
  • Null Sec Roams
  • JOIN ‘Simorian Order Public Chat’ INGAME CHANNEL


If you are interested in our corporation and would like to chat, you can join our ingame channel, Discord channel or message scotty omerta.

Thanks for reading!

We are still looking for new members, hurry before we close recruiting. If you want content, isk, pvp till your eyes bleed, hit us up.

Bumping for space cookies. still have some spots left for a few more members.

I just applied

Oh right on, i am sure somebody will get back to you right away

We have a 10 mill sp minimum, i am sorry but a 1 day old pilot cant do anything in a wh.
May i suggest Eve-Uni

Got some amazing new members lately, a few more spots open then recruiting will be closed.

Bumping for a couple new pilots, nearly ready to shut down recruiting for the year.

Still a few more spots left till we close recruiting.

Bumping for a few more pilots, dont be shy.

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