✠ [EU] The Simorian Order - C4 WH Corporation w/ C3/C5 Static Connections

PVP Wormhole corporation looking for new members!
Minimum requirements: 10 million skill points

✠ English Speaking, Highly Active
✠ EU Time Zone
✠ US Secondary Time Zone
✠ Omega Only
✠ Experienced Leadership
✠ Friendly Atmosphere
✠ Discord
✠ Resource Buyback Programme
✠ Exceptional Planetary Interaction
✠ C4 Home Hole with C3 and C5 Statics
✠ C5 Fleet Site Ratting (upto 500 Million/h)
✠ Small Gang PvP
✠ Paid Operations
✠ Null Sec Roams
✠ Corporation Founded 2016.08.22
✠ Join ‘Simorian Order Public Chat’ INGAME CHANNEL or our Discord Server


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