The Skarkon Files: Scenes From the New Front

Greetings pilots. As promised, I camped out in Skarkon since the Triglavians declared their victory or Totality. I’ve been monitoring the changes from the Final Liminality state into the new spatiotemporal configurations.

In the week leading up to the weaving of captured systems into Abyssal space, things were mostly as reported by other scouts in Final Liminality systems. The only notable difference were the trails leading from the gates’ wormhole apertures, stringing along as though agitated.

Upon first hooking back into the capsule today, I first noticed the stargates were missing from overview. They still showed up, but only as wrecked. Huge crystalline shards penetrate the former stargate’s wormhole aperture point. This isn’t the only place we’ll see crystalline shards near event horizons.

I then warped to an Upwell structure near the wrecked gate because I noticed Republic EDENCOM forces engaging Triglavians. I thought they were stragglers left behind, but I was wrong.

At this point I wanted to explore the new space while avoiding hostile Triglavian patrols, and noted that the new Triglavian conduits going to Raravoss and Nani were left unguarded by Triglavians or Werposts. However, the Triglavians only allow proven and loyal Kybernauts pass through these intra-Abyssal conduits.

At this point I busted out the scanner probes to look for wormholes. They had appeared normally in Final Liminality. And sure enough, there were three. This is where things get fascinating.

Upon landing on the first hole, the first thing of note were giant crystalline shards usually associated with Triglavians and Abyssal space. In my years of exploring Anoikis and different wormholes in the network, none had asteroids or anything of the like nearby. The second important difference from every wormhole I’ve seen was the presence of EDENCOM ships, seemingly coming through and fending off Triglavians on grid. In this case, Federation EDENCOM forces. A third difference was that this wormhole seemed to be in deadspace, as even warping to the bookmarked event horizon I would land at the signature some 70km off (also atypical of wormholes). This wormhole was a K162 from High Security space

Upon jumping to the other side to let allied scouts know about the entry, I noted Triglavians on the hisec side, armor beaten up as though they had tried to stop EDENCOM forces from coming in. This was a novel type of wormhole I had never encountered before, a C729 from Hisec to Triglavian space.

C729 HS to Trig

Slipping back into Skarkon, I headed to the next wormhole on the list. This one was also of the newer type, landing me at deadspace ranges and filled with the same crystals. This wormhole, however, was a K162 from C6. The forces dominating this field were Drifters and their newly-upgraded Sleeper drones.

Aroused Hypnosian Psychopomp Drifter Strike Battleship

Jumped to the other side after sneaking past Sleepers, and as I expected this too was a novel type of wormhole. The system was a typical Class 6 occupied by capsuleers with Upwells. This one was a Wormhole F216 from C6 to Triglavian space.

F216 C6 to Trig

Back in Skarkon, the third hole was just a normal K162 from C3, no odd deadspace effects, nearby asteroids, or fleets. Jumping to the other side, it was a standard U210 static wormhole from C3 to Low Security space (which Skarkon was originally designated as).

U210 to Former LS Skarkon

Of course, it would be remiss not to mention Skarkon’s star. It has been designated in a new spectral class and now emits strange light. Skarkon II remains temperate by appearances, for the time being. Local communications channels are peer to peer and by broadcast only, former infrastructure has largely been trashed or reclaimed for the exclusive use of the Collective and loyal Kybernauts.
Golden Immanence Skarkon Star Description

I’m still parsing all of this information, but I wanted to get photographic documentation of what I saw today. My best guess is that Drifters and/or EDENCOM have acquired some of way of creating “siege wormholes” with some sort of advanced filament technology, which accounts for the crystalline shards. These strange rocks are also seen on shattered stargates and within invasion conduits, so their appearance seems intertwined with spatiotemporal rifts or event horizons. These novel wormholes exhibit deadspace-like effects never seen before in Anoikis, feature fleets of EDENCOM or Drifters punching into Triglavian space who mean business.

Though I had a route out via the holes I scanned and was eager to leave after the better part of a fortnight camping in a covert frigate, I wanted to conduct one last navigational test in Triglavian space. As a last-ditch effort, could one use a needlejack filament to escape to known space?

You bet they work! While the road home is longer, I’m confident that EDENCOM has already seized on key navigational advantages with wormholes and filament technology based on what I saw today. The Drifters also have this capability, which makes me wonder where it came from. I have a feeling that while the hot war is seemingly over, a colder and longer one has set in.


(cross-reference Drifter Observations in Skarkon)
I’d like to again express my thanks for the Fegomenko route tip, and also confirm the information present here.
I don’t share Ms Jormagdnir’s confidence that EDENCOM has found ways to open wormholes, but I wouldn’t doubt the Drifters could. I suspect some of these wormhole observations may be a result of altered spacetime topology, directly related to the liminality phenomenon.
(cross-reference War Journal and related speculation from @Umbre_Fallenstar)

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Oh definitely, I’m not sure if EDENCOM is the one opening the new wormholes, or if the Drifters are opening them in both in Anoikis and empire space for some strategic long game. Regardless, EDENCOM are definitely using those holes.

Considering that Drifter battleship had navigation logs in the hold, I’d wager the Drifters could easily deduce a wormhole placement that would practically invite EDENCOM in. Considering the sheer levels of spite in the Collective’s enemies, it’s not surprising such an invitation has been accepted.
Heck, I was looking for a hole like this.
Conclusion: EDENCOM is seizing the opportunity the Drifters are probably providing.


I’ve definitely come to the same conclusion, Drifters gifting EDENCOM technology or openings, or more remotely as a possibility EDENCOM reverse-engineered Drifter tech.

It also makes me wonder if Dr. Saede Riordan’s theory of the wormhole network being an invasion tool didn’t have some merit after all, with the way Drifters/Sleepers are utilizing them to engage their ancient enemies in the Triglavians.

I’m more of the opinion that the Drifters are simply guiding EDENCOM like a tool or a trained hound rather than gifting any technology.


Hmm. I was expecting a new class of wormholes to appear. The fact that your scanners are showing that even existing hole classes can connect to Triglavian space is… interesting.

You reported no odd effects for the U210, unlike with the C729. Have you encountered any more k space holes leading to Trig space? It sounds like your sensors might be bugged.

I noticed Raravoss also had a static B274 connecting to it during Final Liminality, before the weaving. I suspect statics that would have connected to a particular type of Triglavian system, in this case of Skarkon a former lowsec, will continue connecting to those systems. It was definitely an unremarkable, standard U210 static (these usually go to lowsec) per the visuals I posted. I suspect that this is because nobody has appraised the long-gone ancient Talocan that originally built the static network of new political developments in New Eden.

More nonsense about how there’s an EDENCOM/Drifter conspiracy against the Triglavians.
Somehow I expected better. And yet again I am disappointed.

Anyway, what footage do you have of the planetary bodies of Skarkon. Any signs of inhabitation remaining ?

I would very concerned about the Sansha ships now exploring the Abyss as well as the CONCORD Ops ships who will fire on anyone, regardless of their standing with CONCORD.

Sansha will undoubtedly come out of the Abyss with new technology that they will use to upgrade their ships, stations and pilots with. Remember Sansha’s Prophecy…“I will your commute your soul, to dust.”

CONCORD must some ulterior motive that it is working on.

Forming an alliance between the Drifters and Sleepers, however loose that alliance might be, will challenge the Juggernaut that will be coming from the Abyss or other regions that are as hollow in their existence as the Triglavians are.

Lady, I’m an EDI pilot.
If there’s any “conspiracy” it’s all Drifter. Now that I’m thinking about it I realize the Drifters may simply have forgotten how to talk to anyone not wired into their network? So all of this is probably a result of everybody fumbling around in the dark.
Void knows I am.

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I might agree, sir, if it weren’t such a simple thing for a sapient species to find its way around, and if they hadn’t already communicated with us before-- lied to us, actually, masquerading as a trusted scientist they had apparently captured to persuade people to drop off Jove DNA samples at a certain location.

It seems more likely that they look at us as contemptible: animals or even insects, lesser beings unworthy of dialog, to be kept an eye on and swatted if we get in the way.


In that case I’m going back to “Drifters stringing us along” because they’ve established a precedent. With the outlier possibility of separate factions of Drifters. Way on the edge of possibilities, mentioned only because I don’t gamble without hedging my bets.

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Indeed, it’s as Bravo calls it. Even EDENCOM doesn’t really trust the Drifters. I never implied a conspiracy, and just noted what was physically apparent in front of my camera drones and on scope.

Skarkon was pulled into its own pocket space along with the other Final Liminality systems. I found three wormholes, two of which were novel and had fleets riding in on them and fighting Triglavians. The fleets were EDENCOM and Drifters, so they’re using similar technology to generate these new wormholes with exotic effects. The Drifters may be manipulating us in some fashion and opening opportunistic holes (e.g, as cannon fodder to support their own aims or serve as distractions). Or as I said, EDENCOM may have reverse-engineered the tech from the Drifters.

There are a number of possibilities. I’ll wait for word from established scientific authorities and other explorers, we can compare notes in time.

Addendum: Forgot to mention that Skarkon II appeared temperate in nature when I last checked, but I detected no broadcasts from planetside. I had reshipped from a pure science vessel to a stealth bomber, so perhaps there are people still talking that I couldn’t detect.

Your finger is ever on the pulse.

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