War Journal: Triglavian Collective

Cyno up with gate offline in Fade

maybe it was true at the time of the message.

@Morgana_Tsukiyo thanks for your data input.

At the time of writing, all systems broadcasted had been within metaliminal storms. I have since learned that other systems have been affected as well.

The time has come. The Proven have ascended.

We live in interesting times indeed. I am curious how the situation will develop. Aria’s perspective has been refreshing in its lack of imperialism.

So … a while ago I half-joked about waking up in the Abyss one morning.

I’m not sure this is the Abyss yet, but…

"Hi, I’m Kuharah, and WOW are the Triglavians not being subtle about this anymore!

“… I used to be blue, by the way.”

Yeah, I think that might be the deadest stargate I’ve ever seen. Somehow that doesn’t look like the result of standard shutdown procedures. Guess they didn’t get them closed fast enough in the end.

Moons and such seem to still be in place, but the asteroid belts are just … gone. I’m not sure if the Triglavians mined them out completely when I wasn’t looking or if the … change … pushed them out of their orbit.

New gate. The Triglavians have opted for some kinda stiff security, and apparently Kuharah’s actually a particularly high-security system. I can’t really blame them; it’s a sensible approach. Maybe if CONCORD had restricted travel based on proven loyalty the Collective wouldn’t have found quite so many traitors. That’s not really how K-space society works, though.

I can still see the stars of New Eden through the distortion, at least for now. It might as well be Anoikis, though. Local comms beacon’s gone dark. Whole area’s unsecured space. Maybe the kybernauts will stand united after all this: band together, trade resources, coordinate defenses, form up to make a single community.

Somehow that doesn’t seem entirely likely, though. And somehow I’m not sure the Triglavians would have it any other way.


pardon my enthusiasm, but the stargate pic is entirely coherent with my Mass-Energy Ratio.

By altering the MER of the system, what was before a point of neutral energy balance switched to matter state.
And the gravitational well formed by belts was enough to create a deadspace pocket !

I assume that planets, moons and stations are still in places ?

If my calculation were correct, there was an important risk that all in space crafts would be destroyed as well.

My team has difficulties contacting our operating base in Igne, as if FTL communications were harder to reach!

If you set a route across new eden does AURA still capable to send you a visual ?

So much things to do !
thanks you for your continuous share of information !

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They seem to be, yes, sir.

I wasn’t, but I was shut down under silent running while I got a little sleep. I don’t really have data for what happened.

Not outside of “Pochven,” sir. It’s like setting a route while you’re still in W-space; Aura can’t predict wormhole access. Inside Pochven it works fine, but it seems like making the trip could be a little harder than it looks even for the kybernauts. Apparently it takes really, really high standings to get into Kuharah through the gate network.

I feel oddly privileged to have arrived as original equipment.

for the route, I was more speaking about getting a visual route in space, set a destination to one side of the cluster and another to the other side so the theorical route cross the whole cluster, in WH space you can see it, it has been used to calculate the distance between anoikis and new eden and confirm that it was indeed “just” another cluster.

It appears we’re still here, Mr. Fallenstar. I mean, like I said, I can still kind of see the local stars. The system hasn’t moved, hasn’t … “left.” We’re still right nere in New Eden, just the gates bounce us around between our former regions pretty freely.

Looks like it might not just be the stars.

Unless maybe Kuharah II (a storm world) has always had red lightning?

I’m trying to get some better shots, but … it’s lightning. It doesn’t really pose for a photo, and it doesn’t happen quite often enough for me to just take a bazillion shots. Maybe I should try exactly that, though?

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Haha! Got one!

Tried just taking a bunch of shots of the night side of the world and at first I wasn’t getting much but then!

Ah, that’s satisfying. … It does feel a little like the Triglavians prefer their environment in a thousand shades of “hellish,” though. I wonder if they really prefer it or if it’s a side effect of their activities that they just kind of adopt as a signature aesthetic.

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So, here’s something strange.

First off, the Sleepers, working with the Drifters, apparently already have units in Pochven, which, we kind of knew.

But, what’s odd is, this lot seem to have gotten hold of some Triglavian scanner devices …

… and are using them to scan each other. I don’t know, maybe calibrating them or something by scanning something completely familiar and well-understood? And making these light sculptures in the process.

I don’t know-- it struck me really funny for some reason. It reminds me of, like, a flock of children with their first cameras or something, seeing themselves and each other in a whole new way.

It just seems oddly cute.


Hm. Another squadron just turned up that also has them.

Maybe they’re standard equipment now because one of the problems they have in Triglavian space is maintaining their own scanning equipment? Could be; the Kharybidis definitely isn’t as good a shot as the Apollo or Artemis, despite having superficially similar hardware.

But why do they keep scanning each other?

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I’m surprised there haven’t been clashes between the Collective and their alleged “Ancient Enemy.” Makes me wonder how those Sleepers acquired that tech and whether the Sleepers have their own Kybernauts.

Of course there have been clashes. That has been a constant. It has been in what we call the Abyss; it has been a constant in K-space during the Proving; it is a constant in Pochven.

Perhaps if more people stopped making ignorant assumptions, they would not support Edencom as vehemently.

I just wanted to share this gate pic. Once a heavily used connection, now reduced to this.
Niarja gate from Madimilire.

A ring surrounds it with multiple signs saying “Hazard Warning, Gate Disrupted.”

Gate remnant from a far.

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Can I just mention that whoever named this ship the “Aroused Hypnosian Psychopomp” might have been poorly advised? (Edit: Or, as an afterthought, snickering into their sleeve.)

Oh-- OH! This is interesting!

While I was looking at that, I noticed this fly by.

Meet Metis Tyrannos.

This is her somewhat charred (I’m going to assume not inherently) counterpart, Agreus.

Pilots, that’s an overshield.

Implication: reactive doomsday.


That is an interesting name.

Are they escorting those arriving or those leaving? :thinking:

May I inquire, ma’am, what is wrong with the name?

Uh … this might be a little bit a translation thing but the translator’s usually pretty good about correctly conveying implications, so …

When “aroused” is used as an adjective rather than a verb, it very often means “woken up” in the sense of immediate physical readiness to mate. As a result, while it can be used to literally mean “woken up” for other purposes as well, it rarely is unless you’re talking about something where that obviously wouldn’t be the correct interpretation.


This looks like a very weird, awkward, unusual and… not very decent implication. I am not sure whether it’s correct to have one.

Nor I think ships were physically designed for mating purposes, ma’am! They are constructed, not born.