The Skeleton Crew Back at it Again

TSC Is back at it again!!

We are recruiting corps both big and small to come join us in our null sec home. We live in Detorid and have plenty of opportunities for growth and prosperity for our members! Some benefits include…

  • We are an independent alliance so we set our own rules.
  • No PAP/FAT/Mandatory Fleet Quota. We are an alliance that believes real life always comes first. All we ask is that when you can play you fly with us!
  • Full logistics set up. We have Jump Freighter service, industrial stations to build Your hearts content.
  • Room for new leaders and FCs to make a name for themselves.
  • Public access moons. The alliance has moon pulls running constantly that anyone can mine.

We are always here for anyone in the game looking for a home. Come join and grow with some of the craziest and respectful players I have ever had privilege of Knowing



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