The Space Library of tales

[This post and project are meant to be OOC]

Today, I shall present you The Space Library of Tales, a repository of EvE Online fan fiction.

The idea: to build a lasting repository of fan fiction, both prose and poetry, set in the world of EvE Online. Forums and blogs come and go and what it had been written there disappears as their hosts are gone.

The Space library of tales wants to avoid that as per the following points:

  1. It is hosted on GitHub through the GitHub pages meaning it is hosted on a free and public repository, on a service that won’t, hopefully, die without notice.
  2. Being public means people can contribute and help the project grow.
  3. It runs on open source technologies (Mkdocs, Material for Mkdocs) used in other fields as well.
  4. In the case I don’t want to maintain the repository anymore, the repository can be transfered/copied to another user that can continue what I started.
  5. It is all written in markdown, as easy and lightweight as it can get. Storing a lot of fiction shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I like to stress that it is no attempt to steal the fiction of others: it is all credited and there are links to the original material.

It is an an attempt to gather the eve fan fiction, fiction that has a history of more than 10 years by now, in a way that last more than a few years, less prone to people and hosts disappearing and that is less scattered all over the web making it hard to read. To give you an idea, in my work on the Space Library, I found fiction spread in between official forums and their iterations, fan forums, personal blogs and websites, google docs, google drives and other hosting services.

It’s not a small project and it’s nowhere near completion, it is a work in progress, but there is already a good amount of material uploaded if anyone wants to read.

The library can be accessed at Space library of tales

Thank you for readying.

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