The Syndicate. High Sec Wars

The Syndicate. is recruiting terrible people for highsec wardec/piracy! Primarily USTZ corp, but looking to expand on that.

High number of active wars maintained against targets of opportunity - provides target rich environment in highsec.
Looking for pilots who want to log on and hunt something. Newer pilots with Omega who want to experience highsec wars, as well as aging bittervets who don’t have time to deal with mobile deployments anymore.
All forms of PvP are encouraged. This includes war target hunting, gate camping, WH diving, roaming, suspect baiting, suicide ganking, scamming, etc. In short, we are bad people. Kill what you want, and no worries on the inevitable losses.

What we offer:
-Highsec war targets
-Low/No activity requirements
-Very little care for our KB stats. Its a game - have fun.
-Membership in Hell Dawn Alliance.

-10M+ SP (must be able to, at minimum, fully T2 fit PvP ship of choice)
-Self-sufficient on ISK (we don’t do PvE activities).

Mail or convo Alcorak in game for more details.

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Still recruiting.

Still Recruiting. Now a part of Hell Dawn mercenary alliance. Lots of content.

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