The system of Pahineh and surrounding systems

Greetings Capsuleers,

Based on unconfirmed reports from the Pahineh system, a member from ARC has been observing Pahineh and the surrounding systems. This has resulted in nothing to report with regards to the sun of Pahineh and the space surrounding it. However it was and remains a cause for concern regarding a buildup of Blood Raider and Rogue Drone forces.

Based on this initial observation report, a small fleet deployed on the 16th in order to confirm the exact size of this buildup and to observe the Star in Pahineh and the space surrounding it. At this time there is nothing to report regarding the Star and the space surrounding it. However, once the fleet made it’s way through the low-security systems in order to reach Pahineh, the fleet encountered the following:

  • 1 Wormhole leading to the system of Abha;
  • 1 Blood lookout;
  • 2 Blood Raider relic sites;
  • 2 Blood Raider Forsaken Hideaways;
  • 3 Blood Raider Forlorn Hideaways;
  • 21 Blood Refuge;
  • 1 Rogue drone infested asteroid
  • 9 Drone Assemblies;
  • 16 Drone Clusters .

This added up to a total of 29 sites with Blood Raider activity and 26 sites with Rogue Drone activity within one high security system. It took several hours of fighting but the fleet managed to engage and destroy all Blood Raider and Rogue Drone forces. The fleet was unable to also clear the system of Mishi from Blood Raider and Rogue Drone forces. The observer from ARC who made the initial report has remained there to continue to monitor the situation.

At the time of writing, the ARC observer has reported that Blood Raider and Rogue Drone activity has returned to the system of Pahineh and it is once again growing in size. The observer reported that the system of Mishi has a comparible amount of Blood Raider and Rogue Drone activity that the small fleet engaged and destroyed on the 16th.

This could just be the result of Blood Raiders and Rogue Drone forces finding a few systems where they are less likely to be engaged by either capsuleer or Navy forces. However ARC will continue to monitor the situation due to the following reasons:

  • The system of Pahineh has a Blue star and the Triglavian Collective did manage to secure a minor victory in close proximity;
  • The unconfirmed reports mentioned Royal Khanid Navy vessels being seen surveying locations in close orbit of the star in Pahineh,the recent disaster in Turner and the latest news that further Development of Stellar Transmuters is being considered;
  • The unusual large (returning) activity of Blood Raiders and Rogue Drones.

I encourage others to also monitor the situation, share their findings here and/or deal with the Blood Raider and Rogue Drone forces. This should help with keeping the people living in those systems as safe as possible.




Raiders and drones in a system with a blue star? Now that is a peculiar set of coincidences. Garden variety rogues wouldn’t think twice about falling upon the Raiders for resources. Could they be working together? Could they be working for the Trigs?

We all know the Blood Raiders love carnage and that would endear them to the Triglavians in many ways. If the Trigs were ever going to reach out to a faction directly it’d be pirates with a taste for battle. As far as the drones are concerned…well, I’ve managed to get my fingers into the guts of a few rogues from abyssal deadspace and it’s pretty obvious the Trigs can hijack the lesser ferals with malicious code.

That’s enough speculation out of me. I’d better reel it in before I say something crazy. Thank you for keeping the greater Capsuleer community abreast of these peculiarities.

The government of the Sovereign Duchy of Beseth Dunijia is extremely concerned by these reports, and has ordered the Dark Wolf Legion’s Omen-class patrol cruiser DWV Constable, piloted by yours truly, into the Mayonhen constellation for intelligence gathering. After entering the constellation, the DWV Constable proceeded immediately to the Pahineh system for a survey of pirate and drone activity. Upon review of CONCORD intelligence and status reports, Dark Wolf Legion intelligence analysts discovered some 53 Blood Raider and Rogue Drone gatherings. The Constable was ordered to clear them out to the best of its ability. Before the cruiser had to dock to allow its crew adequate refreshments, it was able to eliminate the following:

  • 11 Blood Refuges
  • 8 Blood Hideaways
  • 3 Blood Forlorn Hideaways
  • 1 Blood Hidden Hideaway
  • 2 Assembly-sized Rogue Drone gatherings
  • 6 Cluster-sized Rogue Drone gatherings.

Additionally, one Dark Blood Visionary was discovered and eliminated during the survey, and weak messages intercepted during the clearing of two of the Blood Refuges were triangulated by intelligence analysts to reveal the locations of two separate Blood Raider monasteries in low security systems. Unfortunately, the Constable was not properly equipped to engage the Blood Raiders at the monasteries, and the information was forwarded to CONCORD under the assumption that they would take action before the Blood Raiders could realize the breach in operational security and evacuate their assets.

Duchy-affiliated salvage groups are now going over the wreckage, with strict orders to turn everything over to the Ministry of Intelligence’s newly arrived special operations team for analysis. Anything deemed actionable will immediately be forwarded to CONCORD for their own analysis.

It is believed that approximately half of the Rogue Drone and Blood Raider presences reported in the system still remain there. Unfortunately, the Constable is now low on supplies and awaiting replenishment by the Duchy, and will not be able to take part in further combat activity today. The Constable will be battle-ready by tomorrow, and will continue surveying pirate and drone activity in the Mayonhen constellation for at least the next month.

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After resupply and a few hours of shore leave, the DWV Constable undocked once more for yet another survey of Pahineh. It would appear that the Blood Raiders and Rogue Drones have not yet begun migrating back to the system following the search-and-destroy mission undertaken by the Legion yesterday. CONCORD reports indicated that only 9 gatherings of Blood Raiders and Rogue Drones had been detected in the system. These gatherings, which have since been cleared out by the Constable, are the following:

  • 3 Blood Refuges
  • 3 Assembly-sized Rogue Drone gatherings
  • 3 Cluster-sized Rogue Drone gatherings

According to Legion after-action reports filed following each battle, the Constable racked up the following kill count today:

Rogue Drones:

  • Decimator Alvi x 13
  • Hunter Alvi x 1
  • Infester Alvi x 9
  • Raider Alvi x 9
  • Render Alvi x 12
  • Silverfish Alvi x 4
  • Splinter Alvi x 4
  • Sunder Alvi x 8
  • Ripper Alvior x 3
  • Shatter Alvior x 3

Blood Raiders:

  • Blood Light Missile Battery x 3
  • Blood Raider Tower Sentry x 3
  • Corpii Collector x 3
  • Corpii Diviner x 5
  • Corpii Engraver x 2
  • Corpii Herald x 2
  • Corpii Raider x 3
  • Corpii Reaver x 10
  • Corpii Seeker x 5
  • Corpii Upholder x 6
  • Corpior Convertor x 5
  • Corpior Devoter x 7
  • Corpior Templar x 5
  • Corpior Visionary x 3

Total: 48 frigate-sized Rogue Drones, 6 destroyer-sized Rogue Drone, 3 Blood Raider missile batteries, 3 Blood Raider sentry guns, 34 Blood Raider frigates, 20 Blood Raider destroyers

The Constable has now been ordered to survey Pahineh’s asteroid belts for pirate infestation. Salvage operations are underway, and the Ministry of Intelligence’s newly formed Pahineh Analysis Unit is analyzing the debris from yesterday and today to determine the extent of the drone and pirate infestation in the constellation. Further reports to follow.

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