The Trap House Industrial Investment Fund

Greetings, I am the sales liaison for a mid-scale industrial corporation based in The Citadel. We are in possession of multiple manufacturing structures and an extensive BPO library, and we are looking to expand our operations in order to build capitals and SuperCapitals in nearby Black Rise lowsec.

In order to acquire the capital needed for this expansion of assets, we are now offering reasonably priced shares of our monthly profits. In effect, by buying these shares, you will become a partial owner of The Trap House. Profits at the end of the month will be tallied up at 00:00 EVE time on the final day of the month. Monthly payments to investors will be made within 24 hours of the finishing of the monthly balance sheet.

Investors WILL NOT be on the hook if the corporation operates at a loss for a month. While we have never had a month of losing money, if this were to happen, investment payouts for the month would default to 0, and investors would continue to receive their dividend the following month.

We will be offering investments into our corporation in the form of shares. Each share signifies 0.5% of the corporation’s monthly net income.
So, let’s say you were the owner of 10 shares, and the corporation made 100 Billion in the month of September. You, owning 5% of corporation profits, will be paid out a dividend of 5 Billion for the month. You will be paid out each consecutive month until you either sell your shares back or transfer them.

Prices of shares will fluctuate based on the current profits of the corporation. We will also only be selling a maximum of 75% of the corporation to investors. This means that there are only 150 total shares available.

You may sell your shares back to the corporation between the first and fifth day of each month at 95% of the current selling rate. You may also transfer your shares to another person, provided that you give us 5 days notice before the monthly payout.

Current Share Price: 0.753B ISK (753 Million) (Check spreadsheet for most current price)
Shares available: 141
Estimated payout for September: 300 Million ISK (Estimated)

To purchase a share, first check the spreadsheet to make sure that the amount you would like to purchase is available. Then, make a payment to the corporation wallet of The Trap House, with the amount being number of shares times current share price, and reason being "TRAP HOUSE INVESTMENT x(amount of shares).

Monthly Balance Sheet:

(Our specific information is concealed for the security of the investors and our operations.)

For information about this opportunity, or if you would like to take your money out of our investment fund, send me a mail and I will work with you to satisfy your needs.
Safe flying!
The Trap House Team

Got some investors but a lot of shares left!

Shares are going fast!

Do you have any proof that you are not a ponzi scheme that doesnt involve a spreadsheet that anyone, literally anyone, can add and change and type in?

Our specific ISK amounts, structure expenses, and the like are concealed for the purposes of security and anti-wardec. This spreadsheet also only gives access to corporation financial directors.

So your answer is, no, i dont have any proof that this isnt a ponzi scheme?

If you can give me a reasonable method by which to provide you this proof, I would be thrilled to do that for you.

Screenshots of your extensive library of BPOs/Citadels, Third Party ESI check, EVE mogul, etc etc etc.

Quite a few avenues to prove you arent a scam.

Screenshots of our citadels? Sounds like someone who wants to wardec!

Still very much open!

Still recruiting!

Last day for investors to get in this month

You seriously dont know how to post a screenshot while covering the other relevant info? How incompetent are you?

Sounds like a Ponzi Scheme!

Still looking for investors!

Still looking for investors, now with October payouts!

Still open!

Updated for the month of November, payouts issued for October!

Still taking investors!

Still taking investments!

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