💰 Mogul Financial Investment Services

Hello MD!

I’m the founder/CEO of EVE-Mogul, and the team is now starting to expand into public investments.

I will outline current investment opportunities here, as well as history and results.
Mostly all investments will follow the same outline, and will tend to lean toward IPOs vs bonds & loans.

Default Investment Format (monthly payments):
1.5% Guaranteed return
Dividend payment of 50% of the operating profit

Current Investments

Mogul Mineral Reserve 250B

  • 60% Profit Dividends

This post will always be a WIP, with the change log reservation post following this one.

Feel free to get onto the EVE-Mogul discord with any questions: https://discord.gg/0eeGyiaJHCvIAUxo


Payment History
3/1/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 2.31%
4/2/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 1.54%
5/2/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 2.41%
6/4/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 1.84%
7/1/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 3.14%
8/1/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 3.28%
9/5/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 2.50%
10/1/2017 - MMR Investors paid out at 3.76%

Current Investment Opportunities
MMR 02/2017 - Present
250B - 25B Paid out (As of 10/2/17)

Past Investments

MMR has expanded from 100b to 150b in the month of August 2017.
MMR has expanded from 150b to 250b in October, 2017.

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We will be expanding the investment from 100b -> 150b on Friday. Posts here will be first come first serve. I will be totaling the outstanding funds that are needed later today, and will update this post with the information.

From old thread:

I’m doing another funding round for this month for 50bil. I’m offering current investors first pick at it, and raising the maximum investment per person to 7.5b, to keep with the max 5% share ownership rule in place.
I’ll give them 3 days to get their intentions to me, then will open to the public on Friday.
I’ll also be finalizing the Mogul Proper IPO, which has share ownership of part of the structures. The dividends on this will be quite lower, but the value of the shares should increase pretty steadily over time.

Confirming payment for the month of July

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Confirming payment! Many thanks.

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Confirming 5bil investment and also confirming payment for july.

Thanks Jeronica! Trustful service :slight_smile:

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I’ve given the current investors time to secure their expansion, now can accept more investors :slight_smile:

We have 37.5b open, with max investment at 7.5b. Reply here or poke me on discord.

I will give you a PM on discord when im home tongiht, should be in about 3-3.5 hours

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Confirming I received this month’s payment and that I have increased my position in the fund to 7.5B total.

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Taking up 7.5b. Where should the funds be transferred?

Hey Nouva, if you sent the ISK to Mogul Mineral Reserve, I’ll get you down on the books. Thanks!

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Just an update, we’re down to our last 7.5b in fundraising. Excited to get our new Kamio Sotiyo off the ground running!

Apologies for the delay! Funds have been transferred to MMR. Thanks!

If there’s still some remaining I’ll take it, if so how much and to Mogul Mineral Reserve ?

I want to put 10 bil

Still waiting on funds from @Xylem_Viliana, will give him another 24h and will allow those shares to be purchased from other investors.

No response yet, so going to reopen the remaining 7.5b outstanding up again. Already have inquiries so let me know!

Also, came across an opportunity that may require 50 bil in bonds, won’t result in shares and will be repaid as soon as possible with a fluid duration/monthly bond payment. Will finalize and post info soon.

Is there any room left for investment?

Sorry I completely forgot :frowning:

MMR return this month is 2.5%, will be sending out dividends shortly.