The Triglavians are overpowered

I’ve been killed several times by the Triglavians, even though my ship had maxed out shield tanks. It’s my opinion that they need to be nerfed so the player has at least a tiny chance of escaping instead of the encounter being a certain death trap.

Just need to learn how to rank them, or when to escape before shield dies.

Wouldn’t be a bad concept to have a graduated aggro based on your standing with the Trigs such that a quicker activation time would occur the lower the standing with them. Perhaps program any fleet in sections such that each section could aggress only when a certain low standing was reached.

The agro bug is a pain in the @$$, sure CCP fixed it for highsec, but not in T-Space.

What surprises me the most is the number of players thinking the old invasion fits will work here. And doing just stupid things like landing on station 25km from dock and then wondering why RATs or other players kill them. T-Space is worse the nullsec and wormholes.

Seen nullsec and wormhole player coming thinking it’ll be easy isk/kills only to die.

All I can say is if you fly T-Space expect to die, and if you fly in T2 or lower fits, you’re flying a suicide fit.

Drifter roaming fleets can hit fast frigates, Doomsday those frigates and even kill tanked battleships at sniper ranges.
Rogue Drone fleets will run down most fast movers and swarm them, sure low dps, but the amount swarming you will kill you fast.
Edencom is similar to what we’ve seen before, but actively rep, and focus fire, they have good ECM and engage at all ranges. Exalted ship are next level.

But that’s not all, you can have multiple roaming npc fleet warp in on you, worse I’ve seen so far was 4 Edencom fleets and a named Drifter fleet, this is just bad news for anyone on grid, yes they will engage each other, but if they all decide to focus on you, you’d better dock.

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