The Trustable Citizens of this Forum

This thread is for sharing your personal list of forum members that new forum users, and everyone really, can trust for truth, because, lets face it, we have a serious troll problem. So, this is not a list of simple favorites.

The rules are simple, and this starting post is exempt:

  1. You can make only one post in this thread.
  2. You may update that post freely within these rules (and forum limits).
  3. You will list only the names of up to 10 forum members you feel can be, in this order of priority:
    a) trusted to be telling the truth at most times
    b) trusted to be trying to genuinely assist posters or further EVE Online
    c) trusted to stick to the thread topic within reasonable bounds
    d) trusted to answer questions directly and honestly with a minimum of deflection or personal agenda
  4. You may post only POSITIVE to NEUTRAL character traits of the members you list.
  5. You will NOT post negative things about anyone, in the list, in the game, on the forum or anywhere, or separate commentary unrelated directly to YOUR list presentation.
  6. You will NOT post any memes, pictures, videos, audio files or links, except forum member name links. Other than names, plain text only.

You may have your memory of members refreshed by reviewing the favorites thread, but this thread is once again, about trust.

Light has disinfection properties.



Shipwreck Jones
Brisc_Rubal - Has been extremely helpful to me in the past.
Knowledgeminer - Doesn’t post a lot, but when he does he is on point like a laser beam.
DeMichael Crimson
Wadiest Yong
Githany Red
Tipa Riot
Natalie Patrovita Breaks the rules in the best possible way :wink:


ela, real keano, warszawa wola

Shipwreck Jones Calm, collected, helpful.
Ridley Rohan Descerning, helpful.
Mike Azariah ( duh, of course )
DeMichael Crimson Helpful, reasonable.
Han Zealot Truth is his middle name.
Wadiest Yong Respectful, helpful, collected.
Ramona McCandless Humble, helpful.
Githany Red Helpful, respectful, reasonable.
Gerard Amatin Helpful, calm, collected.
Zahlyd Layehin He’s acquired taste, helpful.
Arumi Liz Tells it like it is.
Geo Eclipse Oksaras Helpful, calm.
Dracvlad Helpful, collected.
Nana Skalski Humble, calm.
( non exhaustive ( that memory again ) )

Also… in b4 :closed_lock_with_key:

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Sorry Ridley, your rules make it impossible for me to put you on the list.


The only list of any significance this thread will see will be the one that the ISD pastes before it’s locked.

Dude’s sending out mails to pals trying to get a face-saving circle-jerk off the ground like a limp horse trying to prove to the leery-eyed, shotgun-holding rancher that it can still walk on all four feet. This is like the epitome of desperation.


oh shut up stupid snitch


Flagged as Inappropriate…

Simply because it is…


Yep. Flagged it too, as inappropriate… Simply because Desti- hum… that poster, whatever his name was, is accusing certain posters of what he himself is doing.
There are a few trolls ( jerks, really ) with multiple accounts ruining certain threads which subjects they don’t like and this thread:

is only the latest in a long series of threads that got locked because these individuals don’t have enough with acting like jerks in the game, they have to bring it here in the forum to try and rile up other posters by being hypocritical, disingenuous and generally acting like they own the forum to try and make themselves look good.
It’s pretty pathetic, really.
But a group of upstanding and reasonable posters still and again stand up to their bullying tactics. We will not be dictated to and pushed around by lies and dishonesty. We will resist their hypocritical onslaught until the mountains fall into the sea.
Sure, a few of our brothers have gone from here, fed up by these jerks with forked tongues, but the battle of the minds rages on and I am persuaded that, with perseverance and steadfastness, the end will see us victorious.


this wont take long to explode and im ibl.

btw you can trust me on that.


I am sorry but I will try and have all off topic posts removed, no matter how good and valid they are, including this one. Sorry Gerard_Amatin (yes you) , DeMichael_Crimson and Natalie_Patrovita. LIkes withheld for that reason only.

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Aiko Danuja
Iceacid Frostpacker
Natalie Patrovita
Pix Severus
Shipwreck Jones
DeMichael Crimson & CSM Mike though I sort of think everyone already will add those two.
/last edit


personal list of forum members that new forum users, and everyone really, can trust for truth

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What is truth? lol

This forum is part of the game. There is spin, agenda, roleplay, opinions, mistakes, wars, trolling … plain lies about facts (without irony) … I can’t remember many.


Keep me out of this.


wow, thank you. I may not know everything about the game even though i been on and off for 10 years, but i try to be helpful as best i can even though most times i’m wrong.

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We’re not doing a who’s who Drama edition on the forums.

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In addition to this, the EVE Online forums are not for discussion of real life current affairs, news, politics or religion. Discussion should revolve around EVE Online and its community.

For these reasons, specific content is prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

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3. Post constructively.

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