The @ everone post

@Arcturus_Jindo @Altara_Zemara @Aaron @Ace_Capital @Aria_Jenneth @Aeon_Charactec @Aaron_Roos @Aaaarrgg @Aakuwa_Sitei_Tsuruomo @Aayla_Vos
any one is this post must give me 1mill isk unless they want to get pinged agian

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@aabo @Boom_777 @Brisc_Rubal @Boozbaz @Bear_Transporter @Bernie_Nator @Blacksmoke16 @BBBig_Sword @bbb2020 @Bboy

In before lock. I’m pretty sure extortion is prohibited on Eve forums. Is this a pyramid ponzi scheme?

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@BBDarth @BBKAO_CHIANG @BBstack @Clone_Nr007 @Cigana_Sawala @Combat_chicken @Cypeace_Adestur @CowRocket_Void @CCP_Zelus @CCP_Swift
and I said I would do this and if isd closes this then everone in this form will get a ping

As the thread will be locked…time for some trivia. I chose this name so it appears near the top of the list in Local and in chat.

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First :grinning:

And in b4 :closed_lock_with_key:


@CCP_Arcade @CCP_PawPatrol @CCP_Optimal @CCP_Merc @Dior_Ambraelle @Devon_Stone @Debian_Linux @DEATHSTAR_CITIZEN1 @Dirty_Cyno @Danks

You knew I would do this to

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I chose this name because I’m just a clone… and I :heart: James Bond ( Brosnan… Moore is cool too )

You gonna do all 135,015 users?
Users - EVE Online Forums

I’m certain your thread breaks a forum rule, though I don’t know which one.

Roger Moore was best james bond!

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@DDoubleMint @dddxxxx @DdAY852 @DDV3l @ddred @Ddado @145_Oksaras @1eg01as @1FSTCAT @111FISHERMAN_JOE111 and thats the goal to get them all

Absolutely. He had all the right stuff.
I like Connery too, he’s funny
But Brosnan is the type I imagine when I read the novels.

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@11818 @1st_of_Seven @110100100_1000101 @11dollars @11218 @1111111111_Buelle @1115545484 tis will bring pain to ccp

@24K_Cake @2020-2021 @2022415 @2Bad4Ux2 @2urgone @200mm_Railgun_II @22_Bilibili @220-volt @222000 @224_Access_Denied

@Mindahouf_Davaham You didn’t ping me but I’ll give you a million because I believe in begging. that’s the oldest profession.
And another million for a fun thread.
You’re welcome.

I did in one of the repplies

THose are adding to the count

We are about to discover the ISD response time. I wonder if this guy will get an actual warning over something this egregious.

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Ooops, I guess I owe you a million now :sweat_smile: