The Upwell Cartel is still missing two ships

There have been a few new ships entering the universe lately, but there are still two ships missing, that would even out the logi landscape.

The triglavians have the Rodiva and the Zarmazd, both unique armor repair ships with a single focus rep, relying on energy neutralizers for defense.

To even that out, I propose something similar, coming from the Upwell Cartel. A single shield repair module for a tech one and tech two logi, which could rely on smartbombs for defense.

The tech one logi would get 2 high slots and the tech 2 logi would get 3 high slots, and both can only fit the one Upwell remote shield repair module.
Since this would be a first, the shield logi would get a bonus to smartbomb activation and fitting bonus, or instead of the fitting bonus, a small 2 or 3% smartbomb range increase per ship level of the Upwell shield logi bonus. A 10-15% smartbomb range increase for a level 5 logi should still be reasonable enough to be used, but not break EVE in the process.

The Upwell dedicated remote shield repair range bonus should be a role bonus, so interested pilots would get the full remote repair range even at ship level 1.

None of the two cruisers get a bonus for remote cap transfers, since they are more like the minmatar or Gallente logi, so they have to fend for themselves.

The Upwell dedicated remote shield repair module doesn’t have to spool up, so it is not entirely like the murder-death-ray-beam cannon that the triglavians use, and it should also not gimp the ships’ capacitor while using that remote shield booster for whatever purpose, pilots come up with.
However, both the tech one and two logi should have a similar solo-repair power as a maximum spooled up triglavian logi would.

Both logi should be very agile and have advanced shield technology, which would enable them to fit shields, without massively increasing their signature radius (which they may or may not have been borrowing from someone mastering shields with lower signature radius). Or, they could get a unique fitting bonus for a slightly oversized prop mod.

And of course as a first, the Upwell Cartel has been experimenting with drones, so the t1 logi could bring 5x small bonussed shield transfer drones and a 50mbit drone bay, and the t2 logi would have 5x medium shield drones and a 100mbit drone bay.

The Upwell ship line doesn’t really seem to have combat roles, aside from shooting back at agressors.

The Upwell faction is about structures, and now expands by introducing ships that stay close to their core business: haulers that are dedicated to structure hauling.

A combat role like logistics as part of this hauler line feels out of place for a faction like Upwell. Logistics ships are currently only part of the combat lines of the four main factions and the Triglavian combat line of ships.

If any shield logistics ships are to be introduced it would make more sense for EDENCOM to do so, who already have a combat line of ships and are currently unevenly matched against their enemies - the Triglavians.

Oh, as is the case most of the time, you maybe right again. I was more focussed on fleshing out the idea of two logi ships.
I haven’t been playing for so long, that I just forgot about EDENCOM.

Do you have any other objections about the logi ships, except which of the newer factions they should be from?

I tried to bring those two ships a few years back, but I didn’t flesh them out. I only brought up, that there should be a shield logi similar, but not a carbon-copy of the triglavian one.

Have you seen the YouTube video, where the new combat haulers are introduced? I mean this one:

After seeing those, I thought it might be the right time to bring it up once more and have a few clear-headed minds, like you, pick it apart.

I was thinking about the lightning-gun of the EDENCOM ship line-up, but for the life of me, I didn’t think about the faction name.

However, thise non-existing shield logi would be a match made in the heavens. Missiles, shields and for the first time in EVE, haulers of all sizes with a bite that really hurts.

The Rodiva and Zarmazd share the unique Triglavian Spoolup Mechanic for their reps.

So the two EDENCOM Logistics should share the Arc-Technology for their reps. Because it is of course useless to let the repair-beam arc out, since most of the time only one of your own ships is the enemy Primary Target, we need to have another solution: EDENCOM ships can field ONE Standard Large Shield Transfer and ONE “Shield Transfer Arc Amplificator” (their new module aequivalent to the Perun Reppers).

The Standard Shield Transfer works like normal: Lock a Target, activate it, remote shield transfer is applied.

The “Arc Amplificator” works like this: Once activated it emits an amplification beam that arcs out to up to 10 nearby other EDENCOM Shield Logis. Each time it hits one of these, those get a slight bonus to their Shield Transfer cycle time, transfer amount, range and capacitor need. So if you can manage to keep all your EDENCOM Shield Logis close to each other, they will constantly boost each others rep-capacitiy up to some maximum amount (has to be balanced of course). This effect will of course wear off quickly, so the Boost needs to be re-applied constantly if you want to maintain it. Counterplay is obvious: Split the EDENCOM logi wing with Command Destroyers or Web some down so they fall out of arc-range of the moving logi squad, to reduce the amount of arc-boosts they get. Neut them hard or damp/jam them so they can’t apply their boosted Shield Transfers.

The balance is of course a critical thing: They need to be weaker than their normal Counterpart (Scimi, Basi for example) if unboosted, but better than their counterparts when running on full boosts. Comparable to the performane of a fully-spooled Zarm.

The EDENCOM ship line up is quite lacking, and really should get a 1:1 parity with the Triglavian counterparts.

As for the Upwell Cartel ships… they should have a small number but treated as faction indy ships.

All of the industry lines of ships should get rebalanced to include additional firepower, and have sufficient fitting space to equip and use them – currently, only DSTs feels like actual ships that belong in eve, the rest feel like placeholder POS’s that feel unusually squishy and slow.
And don’t forget a T3 cruiser “weapons require 50% less PG for turrets” sort of bonus, else people will ignore the combat bonuses and just put on extra buffer/tank.

Thank you for your thoughts on this. However, I intended the EDENCOM logi to be similar to the triglavian logi, so those two would be also similar in repair power to a scythe and a scimitar, yet both would be scythe + 50-75% repair power (including drones) and + whatever links give on top, if the fleet or small gang brings any and the tech 2 one like the zarmazd, which is 2x Guardian + whatever give links they bring.

But to take your idea into account, the remote shield beam could “arc” with time, so similar to the triglavian spoolup, just with arc power, but no logi-magstabs.
So maybe the shield beam gets some sparks per cycle that intensify up to the last pseudo-spoolup.

And the first remote-beam would be the strength of a 3x medium shield transfer scythe for the tech one and the second would be a 3x medium shield transfer scythe + drones up until what the Rodiva does at full spoolup. And has the EDENCOM cruiser shield resist. And the same for the tech 2 logi, with t2 EDENCOM resist.
The EDENCOM shield beam can only be fit on the EDENCOM logi. That’s why the EDENCOM logi would only get 2 high slots and the tech 2 logi would get 3 high slots and only one EDENCOM shield beam can be fit.

Not sure if it fits this specific thread and if it should be under the Upwell ship line specifically or some other faction but what about a type of mining barge (or similar class ship) or several variations even that can fit assault damage control?

At least am not aware if such exists.

This would grant hi-sec miners an ultimate counter to ganking, if and only if they are at the keyboard (or mouse) to activate it when a gank attempt occurs.

At the same time this would be the ultimate answer to any attempt at crying about ganking being overpowered and whatnot, as anyone who is not AFK mining would have an almost guaranteed tool to counter ganks, thus could only blame themselves (though that is also true even now but this case there would be irrefutable evidence for it).

That sound interesting. And has the added benefit of making mining more interactive. The assault damage control only runs like 12 or 15 seconds, so you better be at the helm when those catalysts are landing.

It also gives a choice to fit the module or not. I hope the powers that be like the idea.

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Why not a unique Structure Logi ship?

I hope that eventually the POS and POCO will completely be replaced with Upwell structures and that with the deletion of these archaic structures we have seen the last of structure repairs using logi.

Skyhooks are a nice step forward, hopefully we’ll get a similar structure to replace the rest of the POCOs outside sov null later on.