[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting individuals for PVP in Sov Null


(Wolfsdragoon) #21

W e e k e n d f l e e t s

(Filius Endo) #22

Amazing bunch of guys to fly with, chill group who are really helpful and fun to fly with. Very thrilled I joined them.

(howling wind) #23

Fleets start again this Saturday. Hit us up if you want to get in on the action.

(Wolfsdragoon) #24

Fleets this weekend, come fly with us

(howling wind) #25

Good fleet today with a bunch of kills. Another fleet tomorrow, come apply.

(Wolfsdragoon) #26

Come join thanks

(Wolfsdragoon) #27

We shoot at stuff in space, come try it with us this weekend

(howling wind) #28

Please join and give us numbers so we stop feeding. Thanks

(BacardiDesire) #29

Still looking for people who can accept deadlines in submitting flagships for AT!

(Wolfsdragoon) #30

Fleets this weekend, as usual!

(howling wind) #31

Corp isn’t dead yet. Apply if you’re a nerd who only plays on weekends.

(BacardiDesire) #32

(Hansy Babes) #33

I rate this guild a solid 2.3 out of 9

(howling wind) #34

Join the ranks of a prestigious loser of ATXVI.

(Wolfsdragoon) #35

Pls join us thanks

(Wolfsdragoon) #36

More fleets this weekend…kinda like every other weekend, come fly with us.

(Wolfsdragoon) #37

Come fly with us this weekend

(Wolfsdragoon) #38

Just a bump

(howling wind) #39

join us for the chance to get dropped by SNUFF-lite, it’s the dream.

(Wolfsdragoon) #40

We are accepting all shapes and sizes