[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting individuals for PVP in Sov Null


(Wolfsdragoon) #102

join for gudfites

(Wolfsdragoon) #103

stillll open

(Wolfsdragoon) #104

Join and you will become:


Mostly just bigger though

(howling wind) #105

Fellow time restricted nerds, please sign up.

(Wolfsdragoon) #106

pls join thx

(Wolfsdragoon) #107

Still active, still recruiting

(howling wind) #108

Hey Wolf, are we still recruiting?

(Wolfsdragoon) #109

Yes we have some incredible february recruitment deals going on

(howling wind) #110

Huh, interesting. And how would one get involved with one of these “recruitment deals” you mentioned?

(Wolfsdragoon) #111

stillll open

(Wolfsdragoon) #112

still pvping

(Wolfsdragoon) #113

We are now S O V B O I S

(Wolfsdragoon) #114

we still pvp on the side when we aren’t k r a b s

(Wolfsdragoon) #115

Endorsed by our favorite russian Chapp Kharz, join quick while recruitment remains perpetually open

(Wolfsdragoon) #116

Join us and you too can be a proud member of an expansive sov empire

(howling wind) #117

Come farm or whatever.

(Wolfsdragoon) #118

Come pvp or whatever

(Rasvatrici) #119

Where? How many systems?

(Wolfsdragoon) #120

We pvp around Pure Blind, it’s more of a meme that we own sov, we are 100% pvp focused.

(howling wind) #121

Come. To. Fleet.

Oh and if you can fly a Punisher and can use a T1 Entosis, you get an instant vouch from me.