The Wreck Trawler Co. Recruiting Salvagers

The T-W-T is looking for self employed salvagers who can operate in all systems whether HI, LO, NULL or WORM.
The corporation is a somewhat rare one as we encourage ROLEPLAY and that it PAYs other capsuleers when they abandon their wrecks/loot after combat; otherwise it’s a profit for you.

We offer other corporations or individuals a recovery service when fleeted after their PvP combat has ended.

New & old capsuleers welcome.
No skill cap needed.
Corp & Alliance Support.
Salvaging exp not essential as training will be given.
Ability to D-Scan & combat probe, training will be given.
Ability to ROLEPLAY and interact with other capsuleers through pubchat.

If interested then message Gren Astros in game and take a look at T-W-T corp description for more details to see if it’s the right corp for you…