TheBlakkRose: Bar; Darrian Nightshade

Elite Nightshade wore a white tuxedo with a black tie. He wore black leather gloves and a katana slung over his back. Behind him was the selection.

  1. Laura Bailey: Djinn; Bottle.
  2. Marisha Ray: Djinn; Bottle.
  3. Ashley Johnson: Djinn; Bottle.
  4. Eirka Ishii: Djinn; Bottle.
  5. Ashley Burch: Djinn; Bottle.
  6. Mica Burton: Djinn; Bottle.
  7. Sumalee Montano: Djinn; Bottle.
  8. Dani Carr: Djinn; Bottle.
  9. Felicia Day: Djinn; Bottle.
  10. Julie Nathanson: Djinn; Bottle.
  11. Aimee Carrero: Djinn; Bottle.
  12. Anjali Bhimani: Djinn; Bottle.
  13. Caitlin Glass: Djinn; Bottle.
    “I’ve never seen such an apetizing menue.” Elite Romanus stated plainly.
    “Where’s the elf blood?” Deedlit queried.
    Anne Rice chewed on her nails.
    Anne McCaffrey tried to tune some marines up.
    Roland got his red wings.
    Elite Kennedy placed a cup of goat blood on a table.
    Yoda looked for his daughter on the wall. The Nightshade shook his head slowly.
    Kristina Pimenova was too young to attend so the XGP was uninvited.
    Melfina drank to her hearts content.
    Tanner Mirabel tried to get two bottles.
    J. R. R. Tolkien just held one while looking dour in the corner.
    Jack London also tried to take two.
    TheBlakkRose did not attend.

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