Thera Bois wya - Multiboxing, '06 vintage WH'ler looking to give Thera a shot

Longtime player returning from a few year break. Have spent the last few months playing solo; getting my isk generation set up and busting off the pvp rust.

Have always gravitated towards small gang pvp and looking to continue that trend. Traditionally lived in a C2 - NS/C5 but want to see what Thera life is all about. Isk printer is strong; I like to fly blingy s*** and fight outnumbered. Team player but absolutely a tryhard.

Winning is more fun, especially when you shouldnt - looking for a crew who thinks the same.

Would be joining with my small gang pvp characters (80m subcap focus / 30m tackle and utility sp). Capital pilots and etc will stay in my alt corp to continue the money printer, but happy to share ESI info when the time comes.

Eastern USTZ player

Hello Hunter Hughes,

It’s invigorating to see a pilot with your spirit for small gang PvP and the determination to triumph against the odds! Here at Cryptopia, we’re not just allies in the battlefield, but we resonate with such a drive.

My journey from an unexpected CEO appointment in my early EVE days, through the trials of corp administration, betrayal, hiatus and return have led me here – seeking adept pilots like you! Our wormhole space activities echo the vibrant, outnumbered battles that fuel your EVE adventures, creating a landscape where your skills would significantly amplify our collective strength.

And regarding Thera, it’s a pathway riddled with both chaos and opportunity, something both of us find irresistibly compelling, it seems!

In Cryptopia, anticipate an environment where your penchant for engaging, formidable combat is not merely welcomed, but celebrated. Your ability to “fly blingy” and seek confrontations where we’re the underdogs speaks directly to our daily operations. Furthermore, while we value the might of unity, your robust, solo ISK generation endeavors will be respected and seen as a valuable asset and guide for our members.

The synergy between your aspirations and our ethos is palpable, Hunter. I invite you to explore this potential alignment further by joining us for a conversation on our Cryptopia Discord.

May our paths converge in the expansive and mysterious domains of Thera and other wormholes!

Fly with audacity,

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia


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