These new winter data sites are a waste of time

It’s mostly worthless junk inside and they’re only clogging up the anomaly list, making us scan twice as much to find the real pirate sites…

Could this abomination be removed please ?


PS: The space snowflakes are funny tho

I haven’t tried these sites yet, but aren’t they only showing up in systems with snow storm? (Or did I read that wrong? )

If they are only in those systems, why not move to other systems, instead of asking for their removal?


Here’s why:

Greed …

… and no feelings of consideration for other people.

I’m looking forward to checking them out.
Gotta go Omega too, because December.

If you work for free that’s your prerogative. I also really don’t need more Carbon or other actual junk. If I play, I play to have fun and/or for rewards. If neither is happening and instead everything is just a boring grind, I am very disappointed.

you mean ccp made a pointless event?



I never thought I can see a person so self centered. So greedy. Till today. Says a lot about the guy in RL I bet. Yeesh.

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You’ve never seen a US American before?


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Might I recommend moving to a system with lower security status to get better rewards?

Also, closed.