This Events section of the forum is where events go to die

Nobody reads this section of the forum. When my thread about my 1 v 1 tourney was in the general discussion it got tons of replies and people signing up. Now that the mods have moved it here, it has 0 replies.

You guys actively kill events in the crib when you move them to a section of the forum nobody reads. I feel like I’ve been sabotaged by the mods. It makes me never want to host a public event again.

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You havent been sabotaged by the mods and I doubt that the location of the thread changed much. Easier sorting this forum by New and Latest.

Could just be that your thread lost steam. They all do eventually.

I have never looked at this part of the forum in my life. I am certain new players do not either. My invent was a t1 battlecruiser tourney intended to get new players experience in the game and it got like 20 replies yesterday in the general forum. Now that it’s been moved it’s gotten literally 0 replies. I have been sabotaged. The mods are working to make the game less fun by ensuring no public player created events get seen. We were supposed to have a streamer and announcer for the tournament on Sunday and now I’m probably going ot have to cancel because sign ups have stopped since my thread was moved.

Yesterday I had 9 people sign up prior to the thread being moved. Now I got zero new signups since it was moved.

“I have been sabotaged for reasons of gradeschool drama and cartoon villainry”

Yeah I’m just really not buying that. Maybe add amother layer of tinfoil to your hat and see if this all still makes sense

Please no discussion of moderation here.
As I had communicated, we are already internally a clarification and let you know when we have found a solution.