This is cheating and should be punished

The guy is using Virtual Machines to run dozens of accounts and has batch files setup to automate game play, setup of windows, logging in and off, etc…

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Tja anything goes! Even on EVE, I understand why you say this is cheating, wich clearly is. But the guy is inventive. By bringing this up, i think more people will going to figure this out. And EVE devs might try to fix this but i dont think this is server side.

submit a report… coming here won’t do any good… submit a report.

now, if he’s going through every window and actually doing everything by hand, and not with micros or macros, then its possible he’s not breaking the rules… not sure what the rules are for using VM’s…


If not for this, he should banned for the depot spam.


Yeah, seems to me that neither of you know what you’re talking about.

  • Virtual Machines allow people to play Eve on computers whose operating systems aren’t natively supported (i.e. Linux and Mac OS). It has nothing to do with multiboxing. In fact, it carries an additional overhead, so it would be better if he was running natively on windows.
  • Eve-o and Eve Eye aren’t against the Eula. Some people have argued that they should be, but their forum threads and download links are still up right here on the forums. And, iirc, a dev actually said in the Eve-o thread that Eve-o was fine.
  • I saw no automation of game play in the video.
  • Now he did have a bat file for closing all his clients sitting on his desktop. However, that doesn’t appear to be expressly forbidden by the Eula. And don’t know why it would be because it offers no in-game advantage.

Copy and pasted from the Eula

  1. You may not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the System.
  2. You may not use your own or third-party software to modify any content appearing within the Game environment or change how the Game is played.
  3. You may not use your own or any third-party software, macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play. You may not rewrite or modify the user interface or otherwise manipulate data in any way to acquire items, currency, objects, character attributes or beneficial actions not actually acquired or achieved in the Game.
  4. You may not use the Software, or any information accessible through the System, to bypass the System login architecture or create or provide any other means through which the System may be accessed and/or the Game may be played by others, as, for example, through server emulators.
  5. You may not submit any content to any chat room or other public forum within the Game that is harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, libelous or defamatory, encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liabilities, or is unlawful in any other way, including without limitation the submission of content that infringes on a third-party’s intellectual property rights.
  6. You may not engage in any conduct that results in an Account containing items, objects, currency, character attributes, rank, or status that are inappropriate for the level or rank of the character contained in the Account, including without limitation arranging, making or accepting transfers of items to a character without adequate consideration, thereby augmenting or aggregating items in an Account and increasing its value for an Account sale.

So, you’re going to have to spell it out for me. What specific section of the Eula forbids something that he is doing?


Indeed, furthermore IIRC a CCP employee was involved in the development of one of those tools.

As for VM’s they’re pretty pants for running Eve, the hardware abstraction layers for the most part emulate hardware that’s optimised for stuff other than gaming.

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While not disagreeing with any other part of your post, I must point out that a ‘Virtual Machine’ is not required to run Eve on Linux - Wine handles it just fine.


but its not officially supported to run on Linux however. that was the point SJ was making…

Not he wasn’t. He said

Which carries a clear implication that without a virtual machine you can’t run Eve on an unsupported operating system. This is simply not true.

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I run EVE on a computer I built in Minecraft.


If he is not botting, and he likes manually playing with multiple clients, who cares? I would never understand what’s good in it, but other people never understand what’s good and exciting in making spreadsheets for a spacegame.

I don’t see any automation in that video. I also don’t see any virtual machines nor do I know why that would even make sense.

Well, I think we’re getting a little sidetracked here, but what I said does not carry the clear implication that a virtual machine is required to play games on an unsupported OS. Saying that, “thing A allows people to do thing B,” is not the same as saying that, “thing A is required to do thing B.”

But rather than arguing about what the definition of “is” is, the main point I was trying to make there was that the use of a VM was not indicative of nefarious actions or intent. People do have a legitimate reason to run a VM to play Eve. And while we’re at it, I’m not sure what benefit people would get from using a virtual machine to cheat.

Of course, I’m not expert on gaming on non-windows systems. So, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that point. But, I was under the impression that (at least some) linux and mac users used VM’s to game. Fortunately, however, my most recent google search seems to indicate that I don’t have to suffer the humiliation of being wrong on the internet (well, at least for this thread, at any rate).

Yeah, I don’t know why someone would use a virtual machine to multibox or cheat, but it does look like Windows is running within um… that window. You can even see that a spreadsheet is running behind it at the bottom.

I just dont like Moonpie vOv

Messin up space like that.

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Although it looks a bit like virtualisation, it isn’t. He’s connected to a remote desktop looks like he’s using “mRemoteNG”, if you look at their website you can see the same interface.

He could be at work or something connecting to his home pc, or if he’s 24/7 cloaky camping just got them running on a different machine leaving his main pc free for other stuff.

His other video shows him logging in all the characters manually, apart from using the launch groups button in the launcher, the batch file to quit them is probably only a shortcut for something like "taskkill /F /IM exefile.exe* on the command line.

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Oh you are right, I completely missed that. The VM is even called “Camper”. So I guess this guy just runs a VM with tons of cloacky campers, and here he caught something with one of them.

This is interesting.


No it isn’t. You’re right.
He’s right too, though.

Someone says that a virtual machine allows EVE to be run on Linux.

Someone who has no idea of how or why any of this works …
… reads it …
… and in a dunning-krueger-esque fashion concludes that he can’t run EVE on Linux without a virtual machine.

The first thing your reader’s going to do … (who tries running EVE on Linux)
… is looking for a virtual machine …
… because that’s all the information given.

Substituting any other fitting word for “allow” doesn’t seem to help with this.


It is meaningless to nitpick on this, because it’s not going to be a top search result …
… and the odds of someone wanting to run EVE on Linux coming across here …
… without knowing of WINE or how this could be done …
… are slim to none.

Dravick’s not wrong, though. If you had written …

Virtual Machines are one way of allowing people …

… our last posts wouldn’t have happened.


Thank you for clarifying your intent.
Your wording carried that implication for me, and I doubt that I’m the only one. I just wanted to make clear to anyone put off Linux/Mac by the idea that you needed a VM to run Eve that it wasn’t the case.


They probably do, but for other reasons.


Automation outside the eve client is none off ccp’s business & they have in past actively promoted it.

CCP even provide esi data outside of client so people can automate, full out of game automation of the market has been dominant for over a decade.

A simple fix for 99% of botting would be to require registration of accounts with a Visa card. ESI pulls need limited too. CCP will not do this as blackout has shown a large % of the playerbase bot, ccp is fine with this.

But I don’t know why peeps are circle jerking on this dude, ccp clearly like him as evident of his jita 4/4 spam. Yet if I drop 50 t1 drones to decloak on a sparsely travelled gate I get a warning for server load. Yet bot spamming depots in jita 4/4 is ok?

Hey up GM in eve is dog turd, I say it loud everytime someone asks me about Eve.