This is for the one I love

where the hell do u get off telling me yo momma said I’m not wot u need?

Tell this to your loved one.

Yo momma so ugly when she turned around my eyes exploded.

Now im blind. Im suing you.

Sexxy Vajaijay.


momma is right, scrub

Never listen to momma. No wait, listen to momma.

Momma is always right. She momma. She big. She strong. She right.


I carried his baby fo 9 months

She ain’t my momma.

And by the way. Who pays fo his light bill?

Last time I checked it was me.

But I take out the garbage sometimes and I am LOOKING for work, dearest.

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please don’t disrespect my goodness.

I gave life and heart to him and what do I get in return?

do you know how it feels for a girl?

Do you know?

Do you know?

What it feels like in this world…

No you don’t.

Ain’t no lying b itch in the closet like the tramp who stole my half-sister’s perfurme when we were at Anthony’s house last winter.

You can talk all you want xuxe, but at the end of the day you don’t know my man, and you weren’t lying next to him night after night after night.

And for those who claim I am not what he needs, what right do u have to separate us?


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