Sometimes you can only laugh

Had a person pass on to me a pamphlet about God, she said she’d prey for me and asked me if I was homeless (I drive a 1998 vehicle), and I dress very plain, all I could do is smile and thanked her for her reaching out.


Thats very insulting. You shouldve asked her if she was a lesbian, and that your church of scienitology can cure her. Then offer her a google map of the nearest church of scientology and tell her to ask for Ryan.

Meh, it’s wasn’t meant to demean the way it came across and granted I do stand out with fancy vehicle, it’s not all tore up or nothing just 20 years old so kinda faded (like me), but I consider it a testament to how well I care for it (mechanically sound), and a monument against consumerism.


They only mean well. You should return the favor and say you will sacrifice a goat for her.


Don’t sacrifice it ! The goat is homeless and I am sure it would love a paper pamphlet to eat.



Of course.

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So this person offered you a sheet of paper about god instead of offering you any tangible help?

This reminds me of one time, when a gypsy woman was nagging me on the street, to read my palm to guess my future. After 4 or 5 insists, I told her to guess my name. My name is fairly common. Yet with several tries, she couldn’t guess it.

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