Anybody know what the instrument she is using

I have never seen anything like that, like a guitar but also a harp.

Tried her website yet?!

Hint: she sells them.

No but thanks I will check it out.

You kids have all those modern mobile phones and the entire Internet at your finger tips and you still need to ask. :upside_down_face:

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Asking makes others do the effort instead of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly why I didn’t provide a link and just hinted at it.

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That was a golden ‘let me google that for you’ moment (if the site still exists).

Its a bambuko.

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Funny thing, when you don’t really know where to start you end up going in circles, take for instance I never knew that in Africa they had outfits called simply 3 piece.

They reminds me of a Baja sweater in some ways but yeah, learning about other cultures can be a process, the first thing to do is ask, cause yes, others may have the answer instead of going in circles, to presume laziness would be an error and while I appreciate the heads up if it’s too much trouble don’t answer, simple as that, it’s sad that people fuss about everything and see everything as a chore, anyway, thanks tho.

I hear yah mate, been there many times. “ah well i had no idea that the rare flat chested crow lived there, but thats not what i was looking for”

Ye guys… I’d bet OP was just conversationally sharing an interesting thing he came across with OOPE people. To help drive out the crickets and the tumbleweeds. :amphora: (Did you know we have an amphora emoji? I didn’t).

But the important question is, what is inside that ampohra!? :eyes:

Wine duh :stuck_out_tongue: , you wouldn’t waste an amphora on old socks…

Was thinking of something more exotic like someone’s frozen corpse or a Fedo or something. :slight_smile:

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Barbarian!, frozen corpses are stored in freezers. Fedos have a well known allergy towards amphoras :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe a Fedo that feeds on a frozen corpse then? Best of both worlds and all that. :wink:

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it does??? well i never… the things you learn…

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Well sure if you leave out the amphora :smiley:

Oh yeah they swell up and then begin ranting about some reclaiming :slight_smile:

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6 successive emojis for a story:

:syringe: Phil’s blood analysis was terrible…
:pill: …so he started taking pills…
:smoking: …against his bad habit of chain-smoking.
:coffin: Nonetheless, Phil died too young…
:funeral_urn: …and he was cremated into a funeral urn…
:moyai: …to be buried under a Moai at Easter Island.

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No. It is a Kora.

it literally says so in the video description.