Sack of Romi Part 2

Now that the Bedwetta n Marmites thread have migrated elsewhere, I say bring back the BIFFO!

Any Merc or Scammer gripe feel free to deposit it here. Purge yourself of that built up angst and entertain the C&P community with your story.

No tit bit or salacious gossip will make us blush.

I’d like to kick off proceedings to ask: why VMG does not allow Kaely out on day release to entertain us anymore, thought she was chief of communications???

!st Part ( if you want to get up to speed )

isn’t there a thread for this already?

Yep. And that one is no more interesting than this one.

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Get no argument from me. Salt needs to be fresh imo


This is the only place Nitshe and the other usual forum suspects have to make each other feel relevant and important, Now that…

… they will always need some thread to flock too, :smile:

I swear somebody made a tears thread already though

That thread is crap, this thread will be Peking Duck, cause every one luvs Peking Duck if it was on offer.

Cavemen and friends defend The Cave against hired thugs

This is the ORIGINAL Sack of Romi 2 Thread, anything else is just a poor imitation.:up::restroom::candle::bikini::lipstick::peach::banana::rabbit2::ok_hand::point_right::lips:

C&P is dead and you guys are the reason. Where’s the content? This thread is :poop:

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Says the Codie turd burglar. I heard Phoo tastes awful, Codies eat a lot , whats it taste like??

What exactly is, “Phoo”? I think maybe you meant to type “Poo”?

Definitely wanted to type “Phoo”.

Masters of linguistics understand definitions and language is fluid, writing for their audience not any 3rd grade template, but Codies and 3rd grade spelling Nazis have always been anal. So does Phoo taste awful? You appear to have eaten a lot.

ahoead adfjd?? adfdrid yeah! adsfjdk ffjfkdkdkd adsfidrnam df

yeah yeah yeah!

Know what I mean, master of linguistics?

You just don’t really bring anything of value both in-game nor on these forums. It’s alright. I only feel sorry for you.

What you’re saying is you ARE a hapless Codie dik. Yes you are sad, but I don’t feel sorry for you. In game I kill Codies like a respawning virus, then laugh about it on the forums.

I like your tears, mmmmm very salty.

Show me where the AG touched you precious.


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Seems this is where the AG’s touched you. Ha Ha Ha! Eat your own sh@t, cry baby, no wonder you wrote that Anti AG tear thread about bumping.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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