Unsuccessful Memories of Everything

logged into battle log today for the first time in a looooong time, was greeted with a reminder of The Greatest Literary Achievement of our generation.
sorry for the shiptoast but i thought some of the old timers might appreciate it as much as i did.

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I dont get it.

Weird way to rant?

I miss UAE.

Hope he is well.

click the link in the post and read the story if you’d like… then you may understand it…

@Jonah_Gravenstein you were apart of the shenanigans

Goddammit, who dared disturb my slumber?

Oh, it’s a throwback to the golden age of UAE, you are forgiven Geo.

So many faces from that thread are sadly missing from the forums these days.

And now, I shall disappear back into obscurity until I get another ping.

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My attention span prevents me from reading a wall of text.

Is there a Tl;dr version.

Somewhere in the 13 pages the quote was said that OP highlighted, by the OP of the previous thread. OP participated quite a bit in that thread as did Jonah even solctice project appeared in it

Humorous office tales involving Rhondda the Hutt + ensemble and baked goods related shenanigans

You likely all look
and sound funny irl.

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