This is how you get the Ancillary Mutaplasmids

It seems it wasn’t posted here before, so let me do this.

If you want the Ancillary Mutaplasmid Crate you do this:

  1. Roll Decayed Mutaplasmid on a module.
  2. Go to Agency window, click on “get Reward”.
  3. Roll Gravid Mutaplasmid on a module.
  4. Go to Agency window, click on “get Reward”.
  5. Roll Unstable Mutaplasmid on a module.
  6. Click on “get Reward”.
  7. Alt+y and redeem the crate.
  8. Open crate and receive your random Ancillary Mutaplasmid

In case anyone was still wondering why Gravid Mutaplasmids suddenly went up in price: this is why.

So basically, you pay each of the 3 types of Mutaplasmids to get the crate.

(Don’t forget to click “get Reward” in between, or your rolls won’t count towards the goal, e.g. if you forget the click after rolling the Gravid, you are going to waste an Unstable for nothing)

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With regards to the necessary procedure:



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