This is the list fit it in as you see fit

Fleet Box - the boundry boxes and the fleet labels to big. (for almost all new boxes not just fleet)

(docked)managment box(right) - hangers ship and item tabs vanish until you hover over items. ship drag and drops into items or ship location tabs dont work/show when vanished. items 4square filter some times only solo stacks item pictures vrs group as 4square boxes per line.

chat box(current typing) to big at smallest ability in overlay buy 1/2 the text box. also the tabs need to be fixed so the main 2 im usings -local,corp. and pinded (plz let us pin) should be in the top 8.

Plz allow us to undock the current solor system,route, day event, selebration event info to a least a min a strip/band on the top of overlay.

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